The truth about fracking documentary

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the truth about fracking documentary

The Fracking Truth: Americas Energy Revolution: The Inside, Untold Story by Chris Faulkner

Though Texas born and bred, Chris Faulkner was not a child of the oil and gas business. He was certainly not the most likely candidate to become the oil and gas industrys most vocal champion. Faulkner entered the oil and gas business by way of a 3D seismic imaging software program he designed. Since founding Breitling Energy Corporation in 2004, Faulkner has devoted himself to developing greener methods in his own company and advocating for a more environmentally friendly and transparent approach throughout the industry. A pragmatist and an optimist, Faulkner addresses oil and gas issues with a signature style, both frank and analytical, that has made him a trusted resource among the media and policymakers both at home and abroad. His work in the industry has brought him recognition in the form of industry awardsincluding AERGs 2013 Oil Executive of the Yearas well as a media moniker he embraces: Frack Master.
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Published 26.12.2018

Fracking For The Truth! (The Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing)

The documentary "Gasland" assailed fracking operations in western Pennsylvania, the location of its earliest application in gas formations.
Chris Faulkner

A journalist's search for the fracking truth

In a recent post here, I described an event that I produced in Syracuse, New York, which brought together disparate anti-fracking groups for a screening of Josh Fox's documentary film Gasland. As one would expect, among the readers who posted here there was a strong level of both support for the event and any anti-fracking advocacy and critiques of our effort, typically from gas industry functionaries or labor that supports hydraulic fracturing on behalf of jobs. Many pro-fracking people posted attacks on Fox and his film, going so far as to state, in no uncertain terms, that his film has been widely and undeniably dismissed for lacking in accurate facts, science and history. I contacted Fox, by email, and asked him to provide me with more information to address the "deniers" who have debunked his assertions. I am quite certain that not many minds will be changed here.

One day last year, an enormous drilling rig materialised in the fields. It was not the visual blot on their landscape that bothered Stopforth and other residents in rural Lancashire: it was what was going on underground. Hesketh Bank was being prepared for fracking mining shale gas by injecting water, sand and chemicals into rocks far below ground. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the new bete noire of conservationists, who condemn it as a dirty and desperate attempt to grab the last fossil fuels from inaccessible rocks in unsuitable locations. In the US, where fracking began and has prospered, it was revealed this month that Matt Damon will star in an anti-fracking film, following on from the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland , which exposed widespread pollution in fracking hotspots such as Pennsylvania. But North American horror stories of fracking polluting the aquifers that hold drinking water were dramatically trumped in the UK last spring when one of the first shale gas fracking operations on British soil was halted after it triggered two earthquakes close to Blackpool.

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FrackNation is a feature documentary created by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney , the directors of Not Evil Just Wrong and Mine Your Own Business , and Magdalena Segieda, that aims to address what the filmmakers say is misinformation about the process of hydraulic fracturing , commonly called fracking. The film looks at the process of fracking for natural gas and seeks to address the concerns surrounding the process that were highlighted in the fracking-critical film Gasland. The film interviews many individuals directly affected by fracking, most of whom support the process. FrackNation was inspired when documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer asked Josh Fox , the director of the documentary Gasland , some questions at an event in Chicago. While Fox was promoting his film project McAleer confronted him about the historical records of people being able to ignite methane in water at " burning springs " long before fracking started.

Y ou've read about a process that's bringing abundant natural gas and petroleum to market while reducing costs to US consumers. Expect more discussion as President Trump's energy plans emerge. Hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells, "fracking" for short, applies horizontal drilling techniques followed by pumping high-pressure liquid into petroleum-rich shale deposits, typically at depths of more than a mile beneath the surface. The slurry, containing grains of sand, forces apart thin layers of shale resembling a deck of playing cards , releasing hydrocarbons locked in the dense matrix. Oil droplets and gas coalesce and are pumped to the surface, separated from "production" water that comes up with the oil, and trucked to a pipeline head or rail terminal for shipment to refineries or gas distribution networks. If done incorrectly, petroleum and natural gas production have the potential to cause adverse consequences to land, water and air and to public health and safety. Federal and state agencies together are responsible for monitoring these activities, and if necessary, enforcing regulations limiting air and water pollution connected with drilling of producing wells and shipping oil and gas product.


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