How to talk about trust issues in a relationship

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how to talk about trust issues in a relationship

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Published 26.12.2018

How To Rebuild Lost Trust In A Relationship

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Here’s How To Overcome Trust Issues In A Relationship, Because It’s Not An Easy Journey

Audrey is a medical transcriptionist and freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics, including grief and loss, pet care, and more. There are many aspects of our everyday interaction with people closest to us that can go haywire. We can all develop interpersonal relationship issues around things like sex, money, or fighting about who does more than the other. We can have conflict issues with a friend because we don't see eye to eye or they've wounded us in some way. We can have issues with our partner or spouse who doesn't seem to take the relationship quite as seriously as we do or put enough effort into making it work. However, perhaps one of the biggest issues for many relationships and the cause of their demise is the result of a problem with trust.

Trust in any relationship, whether this be a work relationship, a romantic relationship, or even a friendship, is essential! Without trust, is there truly a relationship? This is something that many people have questioned, and rightfully so. When talking about relationships and trust issues, trust refers to the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone. This is why trust is so important when it comes to relationships that you have in your life! Imagine having a relationship, any type of relationship, that is absent of trust.

Show less Not having trust in a relationship can lead to major problems and might even end your relationship. An easy way to build trust is to relate to your partner differently. Communicate more and be willing to be open with each other. Feeling insecure can lead to trust issues, so build your self-esteem and do things that you enjoy on your own. If you struggle to trust your partner due to past hurts, consider getting therapy and working through these problems. To overcome trust issues in your relationship, start by improving your communication with your partner.

Trust issues may be your number one obstacle to connection, warmth, and intimacy. Overcoming your trust issues in relationships is probably going to be difficult.
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The Source of the Issue

Couples Therapy : How to Get Over Trust Issues in a Relationship

Chelli Pumphrey. Are you heartbroken? Have you been cheated on? Abused, hurt, or lied to? There is a list a mile long of all of the trust destroying experiences that one can have.

I cannot tell you how many times I sat across from a twenty-something and listened to him or her talk about how they had such a hard time trusting people in their relationships. This is so not surprising, especially coming from Millennials, a generation that is characterized by many things, with one being their overarching lack of trust. Trust is such a key component in relationships. Ok, so trust is defined as the feeling of confidence you have in someone that comes from your belief or opinion of him or her. Think about it this way.

Learning to fully trust again takes some serious time and patience. Trust comes naturally and almost effortlessly for some — there are many who claim they trust unless they are given a reason not to. Staying present is vital in overcoming your trust issues. Forgiveness is key to trusting again. Anger is understandable in the moment when someone we know and love wrongs us, but a lack of forgiveness and letting go can lead to trust issues with others later down the line. To fully let go of this resentment and open up to trusting others, you have to learn to forgive. Breaking up with your significant other after they have wronged you once may seem a little harsh, but when there are repeat offenses and you keep finding yourself unable to trust, then it may be time to cut ties.


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