What is danny boy about

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what is danny boy about

Danny Boy: The Legend of the Beloved Irish Ballad by Malachy McCourt

The first and only time I had an opportunity to perform Danny Boy was in the basement of a Catholic church for a group of seniors who were celebrating St. Patricks Day and wanted a touch of Irish in the program. At the exact moment I arrived at the line, And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me, there was a thunderous stampede heard overhead: the school had just released its students for the day.

Which has (or perhaps should have) almost nothing to do with this review, although that hilarious juxtaposition of lyrics and sound kept many eyes from misting up, which they normally would have given the powerful emotions often conjured by a performance of Danny Boy, something Malachay McCourt, in his lovely little book, mentions repeatedly.

Who wrote the lyrics? Where did the Londonderry Air originate (alright, it came from Londonderry but from whose pen (or possibly, in this case, from whose pipes or whose fiddle)? Who is speaking/singing and what is her/his relationship to Danny?

No spoilers here, and McCourt doesnt necessarily provide a concrete answer to all these questions, but he does lay out enough information, both legendary and factual, to make this a very informative read for lovers of the song. McCourts writing is sometimes humorous, often beautiful, and always informative as can be seen from a summarizing paragraph towards the books end:

While Danny Boy will always be touted as an Irish ballad, it was truly the product of many different worlds meshing together. Let it be the tune of a blind, Irish fiddler drifting across the sea, reaching an English barrister who would finally marry words and melody to create a song capable of describing, at least in part, the contents of the human heart. The song depicts the human condition, about the unknown and the black cloud of finality that accompanies it. The message is available to all those who want to hear it. Danny Boy has a profound effect on people from all corners of the world, a trait it shares with the truest of any work of art.
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Danny Boy Eric Clapton YouTube

SET to the tune of an ancient Irish melody, the traditional Irish song Danny Boy has taken on a life of its own since it was first recorded in In the last century, Danny Boy has been recorded by scores of artists and become something of an anthem for the Irish abroad. The tune has been traced back to a collection of Ancient Irish Music first published in
Malachy McCourt

Danny Boy Lyrics Analysis – so simple yet so clever

A popular symbol of Irish culture, Danny Boy is a ballad with an ancient Irish melody. Is it the most famous Irish song and lyrics? Possibly, so keep on reading to find out more on Danny Boy, the history of the song and how it grew to become so famous around the world. Weatherly gave the song to the vocalist Elsie Griffin , who made it one of the most popular songs of the era as she entertained British troops in France during WWI. The original version of the song had four verses, but two more were later added and most recordings have six verses performed.

Danny Boy Videos Lyrics and Chords. The lyrics are very short by Irish ballad standards — just two verses with each verse divided into two sections. Each section moves the story on and introduces a new emotional level. The scene and the mood are set with supreme ease in the first four lines. The fourth line then gives us the emotional jolt of realizing that the two main characters in this drama — the singer and Danny — are being forced to part.

"Danny Boy" is a ballad set to a traditional Irish melody. English songwriter Frederic Weatherly wrote the lyrics in Bath, Somerset, England in The lyrics .
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Oh Danny Boy - Irish Traditional

With St. The ballad, Danny Boy , is one of the first songs that come to mind when speaking of Irish Songs. The words were written by Frederick Weatherly, a lawyer and lyricist. Weatherly was an Englishman and wrote thousands of songs and had at least fifteen hundred of them published. He was so well known and respected that composers vied to get their hands on his lyrics. He was not only well known for his lyrics, but also for his law career. He did not become a lawyer until he was thirty-nine years of age and often appeared for the defense.

WRTI looks at the origins of this beautiful ballad, its mysteries, and why it is sung to convey deeply felt emotion and love during times of mourning. His publisher Boosey accepted his marriage of words to tune; paired, words and melody achieved a success that neither could have reached on their own. Mystery surrounds the origins of the tune itself. Some say a Celtic harpist played it as early as the s. Others say it originated in the Scottish Highlands. Who is Danny?


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