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new movie about mental hospital

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Published 27.12.2018

Britain's Most Notorious Psychiatric Hospital (Prison Documentary) - Real Stories

Sign in. R min Biography, Drama.

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Films that begin with a patient leaving a mental institution can be equally gripping. By "begin with" I mean that, within the first third of the movie, we either witness the patient leaving a hospital or learn about his or her recent commitment. By "leaving" I mean the patient has been released or has escaped. The 32 films compiled here, in chronological order, all build on the tension of a mental patient's readjustment -- or re-maladjustment -- to society. Eighteen of these 32 films are dramas and comedies.

I love horror films. Most horror films are designed to do the exact opposite. I feel cheated by the way horror leans on lazy cliches when it comes to representing people experiencing mental illness. Psychiatric hospitals are always Victorian buildings, huge and preferably shrouded in fog. This must apply even when the film is set outside Britain.

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Great films make you glad to be alive and free, especially if you watch one about a mental institution. No matter what struggles you may be facing, watching the certifiably insane puts all your own worries in perspective. The more fervently we believe in a cause, and the more we want others to agree with us, the more we may be perceived as mentally unstable. Hollywood has dramatized mental institutions and the patients within to perfection. In both comedy and horror, the best films remind audiences that when our backs are against the wall and we have something to prove, we can seem just as crazy as those in the sanitarium.


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