Sad quotes about life and death

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sad quotes about life and death

Death And Dying Quotes (982 quotes)

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Get the quote of the day click here. Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.

Life And Death Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old life and death quotes, life and death sayings, and life and death proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Lao Tzu. Nothing is a matter of life and death except life and death. Angela Carter. Unbeing dead isn't being alive. If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he's dead, then maybe he was a great man.

Email address:. And life can be pretty unfair. The key to overcoming it is knowing when to wallow in your own misery and when to dust yourself off and try again — in the immortal words of Aaliyah. Something that confirms that others have been there before and most importantly made it through. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it—always. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

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Quotes about losing a loved one might be exactly what you need in your time of loss and suffering. Everyone is different and sometimes the journey can seem more than we can bear. Even though losing a loved one is never easy, the right support and guidance can help you get through it. Life must continue, and you will grow from the loss and learn to live with it. Here are some uplifting, sympathetic, and inspirational quotes about losing a loved one to help you cope. There are things that death cannot touch. For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.

In life, there will always be sad events and happenings that are inevitable. These sad events can be about love, life or even death. The feeling of sadness can be common to people; there is even a movie made about it. We cannot stay saddened by certain situations for a long time. Instead, we encourage you to stand back up on your feet and get the inspiration from those experiences to rebuild yourself. Here we have prepared sad quotes and sayings about life that you can get inspirations from. Let these quotations cheer you up and bring back the life in your smile.

Here are some quotes about death from those people who have traveled the path of loss and grief before us that will make you cry. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order. And even they quickly disappear. It is because we are not the person involved.


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    Sad Quotes: 25 Sayings About Love, Life and Death

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    71 Quotes That Will Make You Cry

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    Sad Quotes and Sayings about Love

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    best sad quotes. Betsy Farrell. Norman Cousins. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

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    Sometimes you just want to feel the feels, embrace the saddness and just go with it.

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