Allama iqbal poetry about muharram

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allama iqbal poetry about muharram

Muhammad Iqbal Quotes (Author of The Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam)

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Published 28.12.2018

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He was intensely moved by the tragic events of Karbala so much so that in many of his couplets he carried a universal message to the mankind for emulating Imam Husayn who sacrificed his life at the altar of Truth. His elegies on the martyrdom of Imam Husayn stand unmatched and are an eye-opener to all those who are giving a mere lip-service to Islam. Just as Almighty Allah loves to listen to the invocation of the orphans, he also has the same kind of love for the martyr of Karbala. The hero of this episode Imam Husayn, the brave son of the bravest of the brave Ali and grandson of the Holy Prophet, took up a firm stand not to acknowledge Yazid as the Caliph of Islam. It is a fight for the preservation of the principles and tenets of Islam. Imam Husayn arrived in Karbala on the 2nd of Muharram 61 A. On the l0th of Muharram he was brutally killed.

And not only poets but South Asian intellectuals in general, among them even diehard ideologues standing tenaciously on the left side of the aisle, such groups too used to invoke this monumental literary personage all the time. I recall sitting in London with the well-known contemporary poet Iftikhar Arif who would recite Iqbal and explicate his poetic virtuosity for hours on end and he would do so with an inner glow and passion, passion that seemed to arise out of the depths of an articulate voice and a fine literary sensibility. In these poetic reminiscences, there were occasions when Faiz Ahmad Faiz too would join in. I recall Saqi Faruqi as well, an uncompromising follower in the footsteps of Noon Meem Rashid Rashid, who marks a daring new departure in Urdu poetry with an ambivalent and sometimes dismissive attitude to Iqbal and in this case too we see the embodiment of an irony. This now senior poet Saqi living in London used to speak to me every now and then about Iqbal.

Allama Iqbal for Imam Hussain AS - Please read and share | myvoicetv. Ya hussain Muharram Poetry, Muharram Quotes, Iqbal Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Allah.
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Apart from Urdu, he also wrote prodigiously in Persian and is regarded as one of the most important poets of modern India. In addition to his indubitable genius as a poet, Iqbal is also considered by many as a very important thinker and philosopher.

Very nice and helpful post. Thanks for sharing it Concerning Muslim Freedom, and the secret of the Tragedy of Kerbala. Whoever maketh compact with the One That is, hath been delivered from the yoke of every idol. Reason is ruthless; Love is even more, Purer, and nimbler, and more unafraid. Crafty Reason sets a snare; Love overthrows the prey with strong right arm. Reason constructs, to make a wilderness; Love lays wide waste, to build all up anew.


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