What is so special about the super bowl

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what is so special about the super bowl

What Is the Super Bowl? by Dina Anastasio

With over 110 million viewers every year, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events in the United States. The final showdown between the two best football teams in the NFL attracts some of the biggest musicians to perform at the half-time show. But the Super Bowl is more than just a spectacle – it’s a high-stakes game to win the championship and claim a place in history. Go back in time and relive all the magic from years past – from excruciating fumbles to game winning plays.
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What's so special about a Super Bowl game ball?

What would a Super Bowl ticket look like if your city were to host the big game? Get out your art supplies and draw your own unique Super Bowl ticket design for .
Dina Anastasio

What’s So Super About Super Bowl Sunday?

By Howie Long, John Czarnecki. Almost every year, the highest-rated show on network television is the Super Bowl, with whatever the number-two show is running a distant second. Of the ten most-watched shows in the history of television, four of them are Super Bowl games. Clearly, the Super Bowl has become an event that all of America, both casual and hard-core fans alike, focuses on. The Super Bowl has also become an international event. In the United States, an estimated

Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial holiday in the United States, a day when families and friends to gather to watch the game, the over-the-top commercials and big-name musical acts at halftime. The game and the two weeks of hype, parties and the annual Media Day leading up it have turned the Super Bowl into a spectacle along the lines of the Olympics or World Cup, a royal wedding or papal celebration, the Oscars or Grammys. The NFL season has far fewer games than the other major North American sports — 16 compared to in baseball — which makes every game an event. But once the season gets to the Super Bowl, many of the fans don't get a chance to go. Cities bid for the right to host the Super Bowl and many use the game as a rallying point to build a new stadium and bring in revenue. Last year's game was played in the stadium the New York Jets and Giants share in East Rutherford, New Jersey — the first outdoor game in a cold-weather city — and future games will be in San Francisco, Houston and Minneapolis.

Each winter, millions of Americans gather around their televisions for Super Bowl Sunday.
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I'll take Game 7 of the World Series any day of the week., The game is the culmination of a regular season that begins in the late summer of the previous year. Normally, Roman numerals are used to identify each Super Bowl, rather than the year in which it is held.



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