Much ado about nothing commentary

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much ado about nothing commentary

Analysis & Commentary on William Shakespeares Much Ado about Nothing by Intelligent Education

This commentary on Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing provides critical analysis with clarity. Readers of IE Notes gain insight and understanding of classic literature through helpful plot summaries, character analyses, critical reception, and more.

Much Ado about Nothing is a story of hope deferred, delight, and “merry war” between lovers. As two couples dance around marriage, the characters learn of faithfulness, loneliness, and maturity in love.
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Published 28.12.2018

The Beatrice and Benedick Show (2011)

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Intelligent Education

Commentary: Much Ado About Nothing Act IV Scene I

Reboul Anne. Much ado about nothing : a commentary on Auletta's paper. In: Intellectica. Repenser le corps l'action et la cognition avec les neurosciences, sous la direction de Jean-Luc Petit. Beaucoup de bruit pour rien : un commentaire sur l'article d'Auletta. Auletta's paper is, among other things, a criticism of Dretske's theory of representation. In this comment, I introduce some of Dretske's notions, which are either not introduced or not properly used by Auletta.

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Another pair of lovers, however, manages to remedy the situation. It is more than evident that both Benedick and Beatrice harbour a refined sense of self. While the former appears to thrive amongst the other men at the beginning of the play, one can see upon further examination that, even at this point, he differs markedly from them. To begin, he almost always understands the subjectivity of his own stance on a given issue. This goes to illustrate that Benedick introspects adequately to be aware of a personal bias that could be detrimental to truth. He is honest with himself, and can identify trends in his thinking. The other men, however, exhibit countless preconceptions without even knowing of them, and are therefore unable to make note of glaring, recurring errors in their judgment.


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    Commentary. Much Ado About Nothing shares a theme common to Shakespearean Comedy: a romance is disrupted, but love triumphs. However, unlike such.

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