Good books to read about drugs

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good books to read about drugs

Drugs Book Lists

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Drugs took her ability to recovery she's written THE book on "Yoga and the 12 steps".

The 15 Junkiest Books About Drugs You'll Ever Read

When I was six years old, a teacher kept me in after school for not doing enough work. She shouted at me: furious, relentless, vein-popping, until my mum arrived. Other parents had alerted her and she rushed into the classroom. When I was seven years old at a new school, I cried all day, every day. When I was 14 years old, I cried in maths lessons. An improvement, I guess.

The first is to romanticize the situation. Others are dire, warning filled rants or testimonies against the many evils of using, such as the 19th-century classic Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. In the last few decades, however, the stories have been a gleeful mixture of the two. Still not convinced? One of the most famous drug novels of all time, Requiem for a Dream tells the tale of three young heroin dealers in Brooklyn, as they succumb to addiction and their lives spiral out of control.

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i just want to be wanted

Louise O'Neill: my journey to feminism

S cience-fiction writers are always looking for ways to bring about change, whether in society, in the nature of the physical world or in the human mind. And making up new drugs is a powerful way of inducing alteration on all these levels. My latest novel A Man of Shadows sees people enjoying a concoction called kia, shortened from chiaroscuro, a time-altering drug created from a flower that blossoms only at dusk. Fictional drugs are miniature rocket ships: they take characters to places unknown and strange. Here are some modern examples from the pharmacopoeia of dangerous delights. Soma Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Soma is used to calm and pacify, suspending people in a state of permanent bliss. This is a drug used as a political metaphor, a form of mass entertainment taken to its ultimate level, a replacement for religion.

Everyone should read these books before they go to that great rehab in the sky. He wrote 16 novels in five years, at times cranking out a book a week on heroin. He died at 35 after fleeing an L. This is pre- Naked Lunch Burroughs, written in prose so hard-boiled you could crack your teeth on it. As ever, William Burroughs is the perfect tour guide in hell.


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