Is it true what they say about black men

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is it true what they say about black men

Is It True What They Say About Black Men?: Tales of Love, Lust and Language Barriers on the Other Side of the World by Jeremy Helligar

Is It True What They Say About Black Men? is a travelogue and memoir told from the point of view of a gay, black and well-traveled American, in self-imposed exile from New York City. His physical and emotional journey takes him from one continent to four (South America, Australia, Asia and Africa), all of which he calls home over the course of eight years. Despite his demographic status as a gay black man (and the book’s title, inspired by the one question he hears in every country and every language), Jeremy Helligar’s life abroad and his search for adventure, love and a place to belong are defined by so much more than skin color, sexuality, or even gender. Most of all, his experiences – what happens to him and how he reacts to it – are shaped by a more universal trait: being human. In turn, his book is a universal documentation of love, lust and heartbreak, self-discovery and discovery of the world in which we live, adventure and awkward encounters as a stranger in strange lands. Think James Baldwin (whose Notes of a Native Son inspired Jeremy as much as music and The Golden Girls) and David Sedaris mixed with Eat Gay Love.
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Why These Black Men Don't Date Black Women - Iyanla: Fix My Life - Oprah Winfrey Network

Cedric Jackson knows firsthand the impact that regular exposure to a positive black man can have on impressionable students — especially young black boys. Jackson said that while he was growing up, it was his black coaches and teachers, especially those at Lee High School, who took an interest in him, pushing the budding football star on and off the field. They had the biggest influence on me; they made me feel like I was somebody.
Jeremy Helligar

America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One

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    Average Size for a Black Man: Myths About Size, Racism, and the Patriarchy | HuffPost

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