Tales of demon and gods manga

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tales of demon and gods manga

Tales of Demons and Gods (Volume, #1) by Mad Snail

Chapters 1-100

Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything, save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death. With the vast knowledge he accumulated in his previous life, he shall have a new starting point. Although he started as the weakest, without a doubt, he will climb the steps towards the strongest.

Cultivating the strongest cultivation technique, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts. Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime.

“Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of Gods that dominates everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”
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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 239 & 239.5 FULL [English][Early Release]

In his past life, although too weak to protect his home when it counted, out of grave determination Nie Li became the strongest Demon Spiritist and stood at the .
Mad Snail


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Nie Li, one of the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world , however he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still Trying to protect the city which in the coming future was being assaulted by beast and ended up being destroyed as well as protecting his lover, friends and family who died by the beast assault. Monthly Trending Strongest Worker Chapter Apotheosis Chapter Versatile Mage Chapter Martial Master Chapter


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