Hades percy jackson and the olympians

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hades percy jackson and the olympians

Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades by Rick Riordan

After I finished The Son of Neptune, my last obsession has been Percy Jackson. And I crave for more of him. So when I saw this one, I didnt waste time.

The Sword of Hades was a short read, as it is intended to be a short story. Its not nearly as thrilling as the others in the first and second series. The writing seemed very basic and kind of rushed/not edited.

I still liked it, though. I love everything thats associated with Percy. In this novelette we were able to have a glimpse of our heros life before the great war against the titans. Thats what I look for. A bit of their normal life. When theyre out of camp and not in major quests. How they try to blend in with the people.

In there we could see how they can be randomly summoned by the gods/goddesses to run some errands, or aid them in their own problems. And now Im starting to hate the gods/goddesses. It seems like what all they do is sit around on their thrones, watch the demigods fix their personal troubles, see them die. Thats very selfish of them.

Anyway, I give this 3 stars. It didnt impress me. But I wasnt disappointed either. Fair enough.
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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - "Aphrodite's Daughters" - Deleted scene

He was the third god I'd met, but the first who really struck me as godlike" Hades is a member of the Big Three and he governs the land of the dead — the Underworld.
Rick Riordan

List of Percy Jackson and the Olympians characters

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Character Analysis


Hades is the Greek god and ruler of the Underworld , the dead, and riches. He is one of the Big Three , the eldest son of Kronos and Rhea and the husband and uncle of Persephone. His Roman counterpart is Pluto. Hades was the eldest male and the fourth child of Kronos , the Titan King of Mount Othrys, and his sister-wife Rhea , born after his sisters Hestia , Demeter , and Hera. Since he was their firstborn son, Rhea had hoped that Hades would not get swallowed, since she believed that Kronos would enjoy raising a son and heir to his throne. However, since Hades was a god a member of a more beautiful and powerful race of immortals than the Titans , Kronos, fearing that Hades would one day overpower him, quickly proceeded to swallow him whole as well.


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