Why do i feel like i need to be alone

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why do i feel like i need to be alone

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Published 31.01.2019

Being Alone vs Being Lonely - What's the Difference?

Why do I feel so alone?

Top Rated Answers. Sometimes I feel alone because I don't know who to talk to.. Because I am alone.. Usually this is associated with my depression but at times I really just don't have anyone around I can talk to and I don't want to bug anyone either so I usually stay to myself. I don't like feeling alone all of the time, sometimes its okay because it means I get time and space to myself.

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. Hello SmiSal, I've just seen your post before I log off, and what you seem to be suffering from is depression, although I'm not qualified to say, but by suffering from it myself it's exactly how I felt. Sometimes when we feel like this all we want is to be alone, no one to judge us and no one to say what we should be doing, that's being peaceful. We can sit down and watch a movie, doesn't matter whether it's an old movie or a series we have seen before so many times it's something we can relate to, and yes it's peaceful. You need some time by yourself, and please remember you have to come first, your own health is so important, tell them you have a doctors appointment and if they suggest a referral to see a psychologist then that what would be a good idea. Remember to ask your doctor about a 'mental health plan', this entitles you to 10 free visits to see them. My Best Wishes.

Sign up here to get advice and true stories about mental health in your inbox every week. I never realized how little I knew about depression until I became depressed.

I would lie awake at night aching for rest and relief from my racing mind. Hot milk with honey, yoga postures with my feet above my head, no chocolate after three in the afternoon—I had tried it all. I was weaning myself off sleeping pills. Wrenching myself from my love affair with the tiny white disc. They felt impossible to escape.


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