World on a turtles back summary

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world on a turtles back summary

The Earth on Turtles Back by Carol Pugliano-Martin

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“The Earth on the Turtles Back” was a good myth, but I didnt like it. It was a little hard to understand what was happening in the beginning and the end. The main idea of new life was good, but I wish they would have put a little more in at the end. The characterization was good, but they didn’t talk much. I also wish there was more information on how the sky chief and his wife reacted when they realized that she couldn’t return to the sky.
The sky chief and his wife live in the sky with their people. One day the chief’s wife had a dream that their tree of life was uprooted. The chief decided to uproot the tree in honor of her dream as a sign. As the chief’s wife looked into the hole where the tree was, she fell in. The animals of the ocean saved her and agreed to get a piece of the earth so she could live.
The sky chief and his wife are the leaders of the sky people. The chief and his wife are expecting a baby. When the sky chief’s wife falls down the hole, the animals for the ocean took care of her. The duck, beaver, and loon try to dive to the bottom of the ocean to get a piece of earth for her. The last one to try was the muskrat. If she couldn’t get it, then the sky chief’s wife would die.
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The story started out in the sky before earth. After the chief’s wife fell through the hole, she fell near the ocean. The ocean was so deep that none of the animals could reach the bottom. After the muskrat floated back up, the other animals took the earth from her paw and put it on the turtle’s back. When the sky woman went onto the back of the turtle, she planted the seeds she had caught before she fell. The sky woman soon had her baby starting new life and earth.
I would like to recommend this myth to everyone of any age. This story teaches that underestimating someones determination can surprise you. We never really know what we are capable of until we are put in a serious situation. The myth could be used as a campfire story to tell children because they can make a connection with the characters and the theory of earth being flat.
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The Earth on Turtles Back English Project

Iroquois Creation Myth

The World Turtle also referred to as the Cosmic Turtle or the World-bearing Turtle is a mytheme of a giant turtle or tortoise supporting or containing the world. The mytheme, which is similar to that of the World Elephant and World Serpent , occurs in Hindu mythology , Chinese mythology and the mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Why can [the deity] in the form of a tortoise, who possesses an inconceivable potency, not hold the Earth in the sky for a kalpa [billions of years]? Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable lists, without citation, Maha-pudma and Chukwa as names from a "popular rendition of a Hindu myth in which the tortoise Chukwa supports the elephant Maha-pudma, which in turn supports the world". The myth is shared by other indigenous peoples of the Northeastern Woodlands , notably the Iroquois. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay Topic: Life. What is it? It is a. World bearing ones are presented by Native American, Indian and Chinese creation myths, as well as other animals such as snakes and elephants.

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“The World on the Turtle's Back”. Iroquois Myth. In the beginning there was no world, no land, no creatures of the kind that are around us now, and there were no.
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    "The World on the Turtle's Back" is an Iroquois legend that has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. This myth is.

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    In the beginning, in the Sky World, a pregnant wife asked her husband to fetch Here, on the Sea Turtle's back, she planted bits of the roots and plants she had.

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