Jewish witnesses for peace and friends

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jewish witnesses for peace and friends

The Covenant of Peace: A Jewish Witness by Maurice Friedman

We live in an age of compounded crises, an age of hot and cold war and the constant threat of total annihilation by the weapons that we ourselves have perfected. It is an age more and more bereft of authentic human existence, and even the image of such existence increasingly deserts us. Those who cannot accept the compromises of our age run to the extremes: the yogi and the commissar, the saint and the political actionist. The one prayer which seems least likely to be answered, the prayer we have almost ceased to pray, is Dona nobis pacem, “Give us peace.” War, cold war, threatened war, future war, has become the very atmosphere in which we live, a total element so pervasive and so enveloping as to numb our very sensibility to the abyss which promises to engulf us.

In our age three great figures have emerged, each of whom in his way is a peacemaker: Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, and Martin Buber. Each in his own way and on his own ground: Gandhi, who found the meeting point of religion and politics in satyagraha, a laying hold of the truth, or “soul force,” which proved effective in liberating India as it is also proving effective in liberating the Negro communities of the South; Schweitzer, whose Christian love has expressed itself in a practical “reverence for life” and whose concern for all of life extends from befriending a pelican to repeated pleas for outlawing nuclear weapons; Martin Buber, who has found in the Biblical Covenant a base for real meeting between peoples and real reconciliation between conflicting claims. Many, who like myself hold Gandhi and Schweitzer in reverence, turn nonetheless to Martin Buber and to the dialogue which meets others and holds its ground when it meets them, for the road to peace in the modern world.
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Arab & Jewish team-mates share a friendship and passion for soccer

How do I share with my Jewish friends?

Have you been wanting to tell your Jewish friend what Jesus means to you, but perhaps not known where to start? Then read this page, for a set of practical suggestions on how to present Messiah to your Jewish friend…. But witnessing to a Jewish person goes far beyond reciting the facts of the Gospel message. Witnessing must become a dialogue between two individuals, each with mutual respect and a genuine interest in the well being of the other. Because the best witness is the witness of a friend or close relation see John , the first step in sharing the Gospel with a Jewish person is to develop a friendship. Your witness will do best as it grows naturally out of a deepening relationship. The person will sense this and feel you are only interested in him as a project or trophy.


His fellow protesters—most of them septuagenarian and octogenarian retirees, many of them former labor activists—wave doctored Israeli flags, with red lines crossing out the Star of David in the middle, and solicit honks from passing motorists. This week, the group—known as Jewish Witnesses For Peace and Friends even though Herskovitz is its only regular Jewish participant—marks the tenth anniversary of its minute Shabbat vigils outside the synagogue, which may be the longest-running and most frequent anti-Israel demonstrations in North America. Almost every Shabbat since Sept. On its face, the effort looks like any of the now-routine pickets of pro-Israel events including the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington by Code Pink. Incensed, he turned to local pro-Palestinian groups for support.


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    Palestine and the Holocaust We presented a major reason for revisiting the facts surrounding the Holocaust in our vigil report of July 28 and.

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    jewish witnesses for peace and friends – Kevin Barrett

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