Seeing the ocean for the first time

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seeing the ocean for the first time

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Published 08.03.2019


So, it was on one of those family trips to Cox's Bazar, a maiden venture to my five- year old self, that I discovered the ocean for the first time in.

Imagine seeing the ocean for the first time

Volvo, however, has a recent history of appearing to be more planet-friendly than other automotive giants, with a number of initiatives and commitments around tackling climate change and electrifying the output of its assembly line. Now, with its latest campaign, Volvo has put its focus on the fight against plastics, and has made protecting the oceans the latest stage to tell its sustainability story upon. Whilst plastic waste is a huge, global issue, Volvo took a decidedly intimate, human approach with its Unseen Ocean campaign. At the heart of the campaign is a short film made in partnership with, and broadcast on, Sky Atlantic. It focuses on a primary school teacher who runs a programme to get inner-city kids that have never seen the sea to experience it for the first time — and ultimately understand the importance of protecting it. Volvo made a campaign hub where the film can be watched and additional information about it can be read. All the proceeds from the book went to the organisation run by the teacher in the aforementioned film.

It stretches out all around you. Some firsts are small.
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Sophie Calle filmed elderly people's first experience with the sea.

Voir la mer, digital film with color and sound, framed photograph. Edition of 3. The museum was closed to visitors, so after buzzing security, I entered through a discreet side door. Inside, the rooms were bustling with art handlers working on installing exhibitions. I dropped my suitcase and heavy coat in a press office. I had finally made it. I was ready though admittedly nervous to meet Sophie Calle, one of my all time favorite artists, a woman I have idolized for years.

This kind of story really makes you appreciate the little things, and how lucky you are. There's a year-old guy from central Alabama named David Thomas who was born with cerebral palsy. So he has to use a wheelchair. And until this month, he'd only left his hometown ONCE. The last time he went anywhere was a field trip 21 years ago, when he was But the thing on the top of his bucket list has always been to see the ocean someday. So this week, his friends from church took him on vacation to Panama City, Florida.


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