Crack the interview pdf download free

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crack the interview pdf download free

Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions by Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Now in the 5th edition, Cracking the Coding Interview gives you the interview preparation you need to get the top software developer jobs. This is a deeply technical book and focuses on the software engineering skills to ace your interview. The book is over 500 pages and includes 150 programming interview questions and answers, as well as other advice.

The full list of topics are as follows:

The Interview Process
This section offers an overview on questions are selected and how you will be evaluated. What happens when you get a question wrong? When should you start preparing, and how? What language should you use? All these questions and more are answered.

Behind the Scenes
Learn what happens behind the scenes during your interview, how decisions really get made, who you interview with, and what they ask you. Companies covered include Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook.

Special Situations
This section explains the process for experience candidates, Program Managers, Dev Managers, Testers / SDETs, and more. Learn what your interviewers are looking for and how much code you need to know.

Before the Interview
In order to ace the interview, you first need to get an interview. This section describes what a software engineers resume should look like and what you should be doing well before your interview.

Behavioral Preparation
Although most of a software engineering interview will be technical, behavioral questions matter too. This section covers how to prepare for behavioral questions and how to give strong, structured responses.

Technical Questions (+ 5 Algorithm Approaches)
This section covers how to prepare for technical questions (without wasting your time) and teaches actionable ways to solve the trickiest algorithm problems. It also teaches you what exactly good coding is when it comes to an interview.

150 Programming Questions and Answers
This section forms the bulk of the book. Each section opens with a discussion of the core knowledge and strategies to tackle this type of question, diving into exactly how you break down and solve it. Topics covered include
• Arrays and Strings
• Linked Lists
• Stacks and Queues
• Trees and Graphs
• Bit Manipulation
• Brain Teasers
• Mathematics and Probability
• Object-Oriented Design
• Recursion and Dynamic Programming
• Sorting and Searching
• Scalability and Memory Limits
• Testing
• C and C++
• Java
• Databases
• Threads and Locks

For the widest degree of readability, the solutions are almost entirely written with Java (with the exception of C / C++ questions). A link is provided with the book so that you can download, compile, and play with the solutions yourself.

Changes from the Fourth Edition: The fifth edition includes over 200 pages of new content, bringing the book from 300 pages to over 500 pages. Major revisions were done to almost every solution, including a number of alternate solutions added. The introductory chapters were massively expanded, as were the opening of each of the chapters under Technical Questions. In addition, 24 new questions were added.

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fifth Edition is the most expansive, detailed guide on how to ace your software development / programming interviews.

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Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition (Google Drive PDF)

The 30-minute guide to rocking your next coding interview

We hope that these coding programming questions will be useful for the contenders to crack the test. Moreover, this article helps you to create some awareness about the TCS programming test. Furthermore, we provide you the additional test pattern and placement papers to practice. Applying for an MNC job is not only the solution to success but also you have to practice in order to get placed in the TCS. Moreover, getting a job in a TCS is not an easy task.

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Today , we will learn about the top 50 java collections interview questions and answers. Pure functions are functions that cause little or no changes outside the scope of the function. Many billing and practice management software programs are increasingly integrated or interface with the EMR system.
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Hello, everybody! Over the past few years, I have been sharing a lot of Java Interview questions and discussion individually. Many of my readers have requested that I bring them together so that they can have them in the same spot. This post is the result of that. The questions are also picked up from various interviews and they are, by no means, very difficult.

Despite scoring decent grades in both my CS Algorithm class and my Data Structures class in university, I shudder at the thought of going through a coding interview that focuses on algorithms. Hence I spent the last three months figuring out how to improve my coding interview skills and eventually received offers from the big tech companies. Experienced candidates can also expect system design questions, but that is out of the scope of this post. Many of the algorithmic concepts tested in coding interviews are not what I usually use at work, where I am a front-end web engineer. Naturally, I have forgotten quite a bit about these algorithms and data structures, which I learned mostly during my freshmen and sophomore years of college. I used to think that being able to think, code, and communicate simultaneously was an impossible feat, until I realized that most people are just not good at coding interviews when they first start out. Interviewing is a skill that you can get better at by studying, preparing, and practicing for it.


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