Free guide to crochet stitches

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free guide to crochet stitches

8 Different Crochet Stitches: Learn to Crochet Something New with Free Crochet Patterns by Prime Publishing

You’re an old pro at all your favorite stitches. You tend to stick to the ones you know, and that’s totally OK because your scarves are beautiful, and everyone loves your sweaters. But it does get a little, well, boring sometimes doing the same stitch over and over again. For as much or as little as you have been crocheting, have you ever been bold enough to learn how to crochet something new?
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Crochet Bead Stitch / Free Crochet Tutorial

Follow these free instructions to learn the crochet moss stitch, which is also crochet the last stitch into the turning chain instead of crocheting it.
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Over 50 Free Crochet Stitch and Technique Tutorials

This collection of modern crochet stitche s for blankets and afghans is sure to provide inspiration for your next project! When I was a kid, all of my crochet projects were some form of a massive half-finished afghan made with single crochet. In the pre-Pinterest dark ages in which I grew up, I had no idea there were literally hundreds of other far more interesting and unique crochet stitches to use for blankets and afghans. So, today I bring you 30 crochet stitch tutorials that go far beyond the bounds of single crochet. The best part? Many of these stitches are based on super simple concepts, like single or double crochet, so you can still master them in one episode of your favorite show. There are so many possibilities once you get into the world of unique crochet stitches.

There is something magical when a single strand of yarn and a single hook unite to form a complete piece of fabric. Crocheters really enjoy making that magic happen, as we create everything from dolls to blankets to sweaters and more. Varying the size of the hook and the thickness of yarn or thread extend the range of what's possible, and when we expand our bag of tricks to include mastery of all the different stitches -- why, there's nothing we can't make happen in crochet. From granny square afghans to fashion doll ball gowns, crocheters love the naturally tranquil rhythm of stitching as much as we love to show off and give away our finished masterpieces. And, we love to teach our craft. So, whether you're finally ready to learn the basics or whether you're an accomplished crocheter, pull up a chair, invite a friend, and get ready for some fun on our Crochet pages.

By continuing your navigation, you accept the use of cookies to provide services and offers tailored to your interests. Contact us if you need our help. Crochet stitch guide. Hold the hook between your index finger and thumb the way you hold pencil. This method, which uses your wrist, is most often used when working with thread of light-weight yarns.

Learn how to crochet using a free stitch guide from Annie's. With easy-to-follow crochet instructions, you'll be stitching in no time! Learn new techniques, too!.
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1. Slip Stitch Crochet

There is always something new in Crochet Stitches. Thousands of designs from different communities all over the globe serve a wide platter of innovative and traditional designs to try your hands on and enhance your skills, which can be used both commercially and for private use. You can use crochets to weave various products ranging from tops to shawls and scurfs, which are not only in fashion, but also serves as an eye grabbing attire for you. To educate you with the 30 most popular designs of Crochet Stitches those are in fashion, the following speaks of the different designs that you can use to enhance your skills and upgrade your attire, which can be perfected in the comfort of your home! This style is one of the basics and most popular Crochet stitches.


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    With pictures and video tutorials, our crochet guide is a must-read. video tutorials to crocheting a single crochet, a double crochet stitch, or even a treble ( or triple) crochet stitch. .. Learn it and be free of worry before starting your next project.

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    Sep 25, The best free crochet patterns for stitches, tutorials and video tutorials. Only Free crocheting patterns and videos. See more ideas about All free .

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    Crochet stitch guide. FREE PATTERNS Note: Whether you are crocheting with thread or yarn, use the method which is the most comfortable for you.

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