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tv shows like upstairs downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs by John Hawkesworth

Before listening to the audio book of this I had previously watched the entire old tv show and the newest one. I love that the audio book was narrated by Jean Marsh the character we would know as Rose .Jean manages to bring all the characters or Eaton Place to life and after watching all the tv shows I was very pleased how well she did it. ON this audio book alot of the tv series is covered from the arrival of the various staff,affairs, arguments, gossip, political drama, glamour,elegance, bonds and friendship. For anyone who has previosly enjoyed the tv shows this is perfect to have also. It is a joy to listen to.
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Servants: The True Story of Life Below Stairs. Part 1 of 3 - Knowing Your Place.

We try to keep our TV show diet wide and varying, but even more importantly, we try to keep it balanced. For a long time, Downton Abbey was our go-to show whenever we needed a healthy dose of culture, but it's been a few years now since the series finale aired, and we've had to find other shows to fill that quality television void. Check out these 10 other shows that Downton Abbey fans are sure to love!
John Hawkesworth

Movies and TV shows like Upstairs, Downstairs

Full of a diverse collection of characters, from the high brow aristocracy to the common servants of downstairs. Its convoluted plot threads and high drama captured the imagination of the world over. Now that the series is over and you've finished the hotly anticipated film, perhaps you're in need of something new to watch? Do you need more of these excellent British actors but in a new genre? Or perhaps you want some more of that period drama goodness but with a brand new set of characters? But, one thing it shares is the lead Dan Stevens.

You can try some miniseries or TV shows that are period pieces full of conflict. Movies like Downton Abbey are often based on classic literature. What to watch after Downton Abbey really depends on your mood. What are some movies and TV shows featured on this list of recommendations for Downton Abbey fans? Sense and Sensibility , set in England in the lates, tells the story of the Dashwood sisters as they look for love. The Queen is another good movie for fans of Downton Abbey.

Mar 9, And after six seasons, we're going to need something to fill that upstairs- downstairs void in our lives. To assist in smoothly transitioning to a.
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Posted by Autumn Topping Jan 21, With Season 5 of Downton Abbey currently airing in America at the moment, we finally get to continue the addicting story of the Crawley family and their servants, perhaps getting answers to important questions along the way. Who did Mary choose?

Not that there's a shortage of shows dramatizing any and everything from the s to the '60s. But sometimes you've seen all Masterpiece and BBC currently have to offer. Have you sampled the plethora of Spanish-language telenovelas available on Netflix? How about a few Aussie or Canadian shows, forgiving a little bit of cheesiness? Have you ever considered branching out into Turkish or Indian dramas, which are now aplenty on Netflix? Season 2 is due to drop at the end of this week, so catch up now on the first season, from the royal wedding to Elizabeth ascending to the throne and attempting to settle into the role. Her backing cast includes the detective inspector with whom she works and flirts, a classic goody-two-shoes lady's maid, a butler dishing out weapons advice amidst baking, cab-driving Communist henchmen.


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