How to convert knitting pattern to crochet

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how to convert knitting pattern to crochet

From Needles to Hook: Complete Guide to Converting Knit Patterns to Crochet by Needle Craft Shop

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Published 18.04.2019

Use Any Yarn for a Knitting Pattern

If you recently fell in love with a pattern, only to realize it calls for knit stitches instead of crochet, don't throw it out just yet. You may be able to re-write the pattern.
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A pattern that has diagrams with exact measurements is the easiest to work with. You simply multiply the horizontal line measurements by your stitches per inch, and the vertical line measurements by your rows per inch. If you are using a hand knitting pattern, you need a calculator to re-calculate the stitches and rows given. I find the easiest way is to photocopy the pattern, and write the new number in the line space above the old figures. If that seems confusing, white out the old numbers, use the original to fill in the new, as follows. Divide your stitch gauge by the pattern stitch gauge to get the multiplier. Example: Your swatch is 9 stitches per inch, the pattern gauge is 8 stitches per inch.

It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! I'd like to be done sometime around late fall. Originally I planned on knitting this, and my friend loves the pattern. After ripping it out for the second time, I'm wondering if crochet might be a better idea, for time's sake and my sanity!

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Crocheting and knitting are similar but different enough that the same patterns will not work for both. If you've found a crochet pattern your like and would rather knit it, watch this video to learn how to convert your pattern into the kind your want. Crochet a Tunisian knit stitch with a long crochet hook. Begin with a chain of forty loops. This instructional crochet video demonstrates how to do a Tunisian knit stitch with a six row example. The Tunisian stitch is also known as the Afghan stitch, traditionally used for cro


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