The 39 clues how many books are there

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the 39 clues how many books are there

The 39 Clues Series by Rick Riordan

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The 39 Clues Series Book Review

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The 39 Clues

The series follows the brother-sister team of Amy and Dan Cahill, who find out that they are part of the most powerful family ever. The series has been optioned for film by Steven Spielberg. The 39 Clues series began in with the novel Maze of Bones. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of the 39 Clues books in order of when they were originally published as well as in chronological order :. She is part of the most powerful family in the world with connections to everyone from Napoleon to Houdini and more. Daughter and son of Grace Amy and Dan Cahill must now decide to either look for the clues or find out what actually happened to their parents.

Published by Scholastic , The 39 Clues has grown to includes the books as well as cards, a website, games, competitions, character biographies, and much more. Amy and Dan Cahill never knew their parents. They passed away in a fire when the siblings were young and their stingy grandaunt Beatrice became their guardian. However, on the weekends, Amy and Dan stayed with their grandmother, Grace Cahill , whose adventurous life gave her great stories to entertain her grandchildren with. When Grace passes away, many relatives gather at the reading of her will. Amy and Dan learn that they are part of the Cahill Family : an ancient family with four secretly five branches: the Lucians , Janus , Tomas , and Ekaterinas , and secretly, the Madrigals.

The 39 Clues Series. The 39 Clues books feature year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother Dan on a quest to discover the secret behind their family's power. The first 10 books follows the Clue Hunt. The 11th transitions to the spin-off series. Two companion novels just add depth to the series.

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Skip to main content. The 39 Clues Books. In Stock. Bought these for my 11 year old last Christmas and he just finished the series. He loved them and we often read them together. The stories wove a tale of history and mystery together, and my son's interest in travel and history would often be sparked by something he read in one of these, which made this mama very happy such as his desire now to visit Beethoven's hometown. Add to cart.

Being primarily angled towarss children, these books are a blend of both entertainment, adventure and educcation. The two siblings are mainstays throughout the series, spanning over a dozen books and boasting an array of authors for each book every book has a different author. The impressive list of writers for this series includes Peter Lerangis and Rick Riordan. Again, these stories all have interchanging authors that each add their own spin on the action adventure storytelling, whilst ensuring the style of the novels is kept consistent. The authors for this series are all seasoned and known writers, so this adds to the reasons as to why each book flows to well into the other seamlessly. They use their individual inspirations from their various walks of life and harness it into producing a grand, timeless piece of literature.


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