How to dress like an author

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how to dress like an author

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Published 29.04.2019

How to Become a Writer

How to Dress an Author

Now, this would not be shocking were it not for the fact that I'm also an author, a female author of a certain age, an author of what some call literary fiction. There's a uniform for authors like me. You know what it is; I see it myself at lit fests and book signings, as well as in the movies. Dowdy skirt, wrinkled blouse or oversized sweater, unstyled hair. Flat, scuffed shoes. All giving the impression that the author has far more important things on her mind than how to dress herself; all giving the impression that the author tore herself away from her typewriter at the very last minute and threw on whatever was handy. Also giving the impression -- probably far too realistic -- that the author's last royalty check was barely enough to feed the cat, let alone buy new clothes.

By Ann Weikers. I wanted to fit in, to look the part.
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New House Rules. - Show less Writers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.



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    4 Ways to Look Like a Writer - wikiHow

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    Blog About Contact Travel Shop.

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    There's no way to look like a writer, really, because they all look different! But, there are some stereotypes associated with writers, especially if.

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    Simply turn to the movies for a few style tips.

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