What is the life of christ

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what is the life of christ

Life of Christ by Fulton J. Sheen

Life of Christ by Archbishop Fulton Sheen is a rich exegesis of Our Lord’s life from the four recorded accounts in the Christian ‘New Testament’. Reading this book was the opportunity to delve into familiar passages and come away renewed in spirit. Although much of what Archbishop Sheen writes wasn’t new to me, it was frequently written or presented in such a way as to shed light from a different angle or draw my attention to subtle nuances long-overlooked or forgotten. Also I found a sympathetic friend in this author, whose works I have long neglected. He showed me actual reasons why some encounters/events in Scripture have always touched me without my understanding why this was so.

For example, the story of Simon and the unnamed penitent woman described in Luke 7:36-50 is sometimes called ‘The Pardon of the Sinful Woman’ which (to me) overlooks the even greater sins of the Pharisaical Simon something the evangelist Luke has Jesus spell out for us—lest we miss any of them. In Sheen’s book, the account is described in a chapter entitled “The Intruder Was a Woman”. The cold reception afforded Our Lord by skeptical and inhospitable Simon is contrasted with the deep humility underlying the bold intrusion of the penitent woman. She is willing to enter a strangers dwelling, fully aware of her lack of status, invitation, and welcome, to brave whatever might happen in order to surrender herself in her ointment. The Archbishop’s description of this story was better than I had ever heard or even imagined, although this story almost always makes me cry when it is read at Mass. I like this woman’s moxie and always wonder if I would have had the courage to do as she did, especially with all the cultural taboos women faced then. Later Sheen writes:
‘The love of this woman grew in proportion to her gratitude for pardon. It was not the quantity of sin, but rather the consciousness of it and the mercy extended in its forgiveness, which manifested the great love of this penitent woman. Much was forgiven her; therefore she loved much. Nothing so much brings one person in contact with another as the confession of sin. When a friend tells us of his success, he stands at a distance from our heart; when he tells of his guilt with tears, he is very near... He who makes light of sin will make light of forgiveness. He who makes light of really serious wounds will never appreciate the power of the physician. Simon had something to learn; so he invited a teacher; the woman had something to be forgiven, so she poured out her contrite tears on the Divine Creditor Who proved to be her Savior.’
This is just one example and far from the best in the book, except that maybe it is the easiest for me to offer as something which speaks most deeply to me as a woman and repentant sinner. Or perhaps it is because I have so often been inspired by this story to seek confession and in so doing found My Savior.

A book I will return to often!


I am highlighting many good lines from this text and reading approximating a chapter a night. What I love most about the text is how Archbishop Fulton Sheen emphasizes the person-hood of Our LORD numerous times in throughout the narrative. Sheen tells us that the power behind the word in Scripture is in The Word, i.e., The Word is a Person, Our LORD, Jesus Christ.
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The Real Jesus Christ (Biblical Documentary) - Timeline

Life of Christ

Portals: Christianity Bible. The life of Jesus in the New Testament is primarily outlined in the four canonical gospels , which includes his genealogy and nativity, public ministry, passion, resurrection and ascension. In addition to these biblical texts, there are extra-biblical texts that Christians believe make reference to certain events in the life of Jesus, such as Josephus on Jesus and Tacitus on Christ. In the gospels, the ministry of Jesus starts with his Baptism by John the Baptist. Jesus came to the Jordan River where he was baptized by John the Baptist, after which he fasted for forty days and nights in the Judaean Desert. This early period also includes the first miracle of Jesus in the Marriage at Cana. The principle locations for the ministry of Jesus were Galilee and Judea, with some activities also taking place in nearby areas such as Perea and Samaria.

Jump to navigation. Luke mentions that Christ's birth was during the reign of Augustus Caesar. Augustus Caesar reigned from 44 BC to his death in 15 AD The method of measuring time in the ancient Roman world was based on the reigns of the Emperors. Thus the early Church fathers dated the birth of Christ according to the accepted method used by the Romans, Arriving at the following figures:. Thus, John records Jesus ministering through 4 Passovers, or a total of 3 years. Find out what it means to "make disciples of all nations" Matt. Chronological Study of the Life of Christ Author:.

C ome and walk with Jesus and learn from Him as He teaches and performs miracles, signs, and wonders. You will learn His heart. You will discover what Jesus taught about sin, the Christian life, salvation, eternal life, and the future.
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The Life of Christ Was Predicted Long before His Birth

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