Best nba dream team of all time

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best nba dream team of all time

Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever by Jack McCallum

They were the Beatles of basketball, the Mercury Seven in sneakers.
In Dream Team, acclaimed sports journalist Jack McCallum delivers the untold story of the greatest team ever assembled: the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that captivated the world, kindled the hoop dreams of countless children around the planet, and remade the NBA into a global sensation.
As a senior staff writer for Sports Illustrated, McCallum enjoyed a courtside seat for the most exciting basketball spectacle on earth, covering the Dream Team from its inception to the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona. For the duration of the Olympics, he lived with, golfed with, and—most important—drank with some of the greatest players of the NBA’s Golden Age: Magic Johnson, the ebullient showman who shrugged off his recent diagnosis of HIV to become the team’s unquestioned captain and leader; Michael Jordan, the transcendent talent at the height of his powers as a player—and a marketing juggernaut; and Charles Barkley, the outspoken iconoclast whose utterances on and off the court threatened to ignite an international incident. Presiding over the entire traveling circus was the Dream Team’s beloved coach, Chuck Daly, whose laissez-faire approach proved instrumental in getting the most out of such disparate personalities and superstars such as Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, and Scottie Pippen.
Drawing on fresh interviews with the players, McCallum provides the definitive account of the Dream Team phenomenon. He offers a behind-the-scenes look at the controversial selection process. He takes us inside the team’s Olympic suites for late-night card games and bull sessions where the players debate both the finer points of basketball and their respective places in the NBA pantheon. And he narrates a riveting possession-by-possession account of the legendary July 1992 intrasquad scrimmage that pitted the Dream Teamers against one another in what may have been the greatest pickup game—and the greatest exhibition of trash talk—in history.
In the twenty years since the Dream Team first captivated the world’s attention, its mystique has only grown—and so has its influence. The NBA is now flush with international stars, many of them inspired by the exuberant spirit of ’92. Dream Team vividly re-creates the moment when a once-in-a-millennium group of athletes came together, outperformed the hype, and changed the future of sports—one perfectly executed fast break at a time.
The Dream Team was . . .
Michael Jordan, Guard, Chicago Bulls
Magic Johnson, Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Larry Bird, Forward, Boston Celtics
Charles Barkley, Forward, Phoenix Suns
Chris Mullin, Forward, Golden State Warriors
Scottie Pippen, Forward, Chicago Bulls
John Stockton, Guard, Utah Jazz
Karl Malone, Forward, Utah Jazz
David Robinson, Center, San Antonio Spurs
Patrick Ewing, Center, New York Knicks
Christian Laettner, Forward, Duke University
Clyde Drexler, Guard, Portland Trailblazers
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USA Basketball Team Top 100 Plays of All Time

The team has been described by American and international journalists as the greatest sports team ever assembled. Carlesimo , and Mike Krzyzewski.
Jack McCallum

Constructing the All-Time NBA Team

I think that Magic Johnson is the best point guard of all time, hardly even a question. Bob Cousy has the edge due to a number of things: 1. When he played the game, assists were only given in a Catch and shoot scenario. Point Guards didn't always take it up court. Points, Shooting Guards, and Small Forwards took it up court. That also meant that they weren't relied on to find the open man. He didn't have the ball allot, yet, he still managed to do it.

By Fred Kerber. Picking a man, all-time All-Star team is about as easy as picking the best color, the greatest movie, the finest ice-cream flavor. But The Post tried. Sure, there will be disagreement. Yeah, well, they all were left off. The seven-man reserve unit, with no positions designated, has a spectacular array of talent with two contemporaries, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, two incredible centers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain, two guards of breath-taking ability, Jerry West and Oscar Robertson, and a game-changing forward, Julius Erving.

The biggest reason why the 92 Dream Team — with a past-his-prime Magic Johnson and barely-able-to-stand Larry Bird — was able to dominate the Olympics by an average of 44 points a game is because the players from other countries were either too scared or star-struck to compete; Opponents were actually asking for autographs and shoes before, during and after the games. Then again, there is that story about the Dream Team absolutely destroying a team of young future pros like Chris Webber and Grant Hill. And Pippen before people realized he might be the most complete and versatile player in the NBA. The Dream Team is and will always be the greatest team ever assembled! Tags: charles barkley , dream team , michael jordan , team usa. Contact Us.

If you need a frame of reference, picture the movie "Space Jam". Imagine a group of incredibly skilled and athletic aliens came down from space threatening earth.
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