Don t you just love a bargain

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don t you just love a bargain

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Published 23.05.2019

Don't Cha Just Love a Bargain?

Ask shoppers and they'll tell you it's because of the bargain prices and endless amount of knick knacks. But is that really the end of the story?

Don't You Just Love a Bargain

We all like a bargain, don't we? It's thrilling! What is it that excites us so much? Perhaps we love the idea of getting something for less money than it is worth? Or do we just like the idea that we've paid less than somebody else? Whatever it is that pushes our buttons, bargains are big business - with flash sales Sale MUST end tomorrow!

I love to go shopping for fabric! I love love love fabric. My first go-to website is Fabric. I even wrote an entire blog post on Fabric. How to find the deals: Shop clearance and closeout fabrics first. Then fill in with what you need from the full priced fabric. I know its not a lot, but if you do any amount of online shopping, it is totally worth signing up for.

Since shopping for clothes is NOT my favorite past time, I only go when I really need to and occasionally once I am well past due. The limited dress code makes deciding what to wear each morning a bit easier, but also makes wearing the same few garments week after week quite repetitive.
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The qualifications I look for in Online Fabric are:

Batteries required. Also available: oz. Cotton Tablecloths Traditional sizes up to 60 x

Pam and I were out and about this weekend doing chores and whatnot, and we went to the Christmas Tree Shop. The commercials are funny as hell with these Boston-accented grandmothers so happy over cheap wrapping paper and gift bags. Amazingly enough, the people in the ads are true customers of the store. Now that you mention it… what was I doing there? You could have actually added points to your manliness to get it out of the red zone, but you squandered your opportunity. I love to squeeze them.


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