Love and other consolation prizes review

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love and other consolation prizes review

Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford

From the bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet comes a powerful novel, inspired by a true story, about a boy whose life is transformed at Seattles epic 1909 Worlds Fair.

For twelve-year-old Ernest Young, a charity student at a boarding school, the chance to go to the Worlds Fair feels like a gift. But only once hes there, amid the exotic exhibits, fireworks, and Ferris wheels, does he discover that he is the one who is actually the prize. The half-Chinese orphan is astounded to learn he will be raffled off--a healthy boy to a good home.

The winning ticket belongs to the flamboyant madam of a high-class brothel, famous for educating her girls. There, Ernest becomes the new houseboy and befriends Maisie, the madams precocious daughter, and a bold scullery maid named Fahn. Their friendship and affection form the first real family Ernest has ever known--and against all odds, this new sporting life gives him the sense of home hes always desired.

But as the grande dame succumbs to an occupational hazard and their world of finery begins to crumble, all three must grapple with hope, ambition, and first love.

Fifty years later, in the shadow of Seattles second Worlds Fair, Ernest struggles to help his ailing wife reconcile who she once was with who she wanted to be, while trying to keep family secrets hidden from their grown-up daughters.

Against a rich backdrop of post-Victorian vice, suffrage, and celebration, Love and Other Consolations is an enchanting tale about innocence and devotion--in a world where everything, and everyone, is for sale.
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Jamie Ford releases 3rd novel

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Jamie Ford

Love and Other Consolation Prizes

Aboard ship in the cargo hold, we learn the caring ways of young Ernest, witness his soft-hearted soul and see his smart-as-a-whip brain in action as it save. Aboard ship in the cargo hold, we learn the caring ways of young Ernest, witness his soft-hearted soul and see his smart-as-a-whip brain in action as it saves his life and gives him a name at Dead Man's Bay Inspired by true events, Jamie Ford once again brings to life the struggles of Chinese-American immigrants in a new world, and gives the reader a chance to experience an atmospheric world's fair of the past. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions.

In , the year of the Boxer Rebellion in China, five-year-old Yung Kun-ai watches as his mother buries his newborn sister in a tiny grave that she has dug with her fingers. This is his third…worthy of equal praise. Yung spends that chilly night shivering, in fear of the nearby fighting between rebels and soldiers, and in doubt of his future. A voyage of many weeks in the hold of a freighter takes him to Seattle. His early years there are not easy, however. Fathered by a white missionary, he is a half-breed and the brunt of taunting and worse by both his peers and his elders. Some years later, he has his own family with Gracie, a Japanese immigrant known as Fahn when he met her for the second time at The Tenderloin.

Thank you! His adventures have just begun. Ernest has already lived a lifetime of surprises and indignities. After his starving Chinese mother secured her only son a spot on a freighter to America, Ernest, only 5 years old, had to learn swiftly how to navigate a world that denigrated him not only for being an orphan, but also, and perhaps worse, for being of mixed blood. Ernest never knew his white father, but his youth and mixed heritage enabled him to make friends with both the Chinese girls on the ship and the lone Japanese girl, Fahn. Once Ernest survived a month captive in the hold of the ship, not to mention a near drowning, he became a ward of the state in Seattle and eventually attracted a wealthy sponsor, who sent him to an exclusive boarding school, where he endured racism and discrimination, and then, when he has the temerity to tell her he would rather go to another school, she has him raffled off at the World's Fair.

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The story goes back and forth in time, as did Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Her father is one of those, and she discovers to her astonishment that it is he who was the subject of a article she found about a young boy auctioned off at the Fair. Ernest explains to Juju that he left China as a 5-year-old during a time of war and famine. On the boat, he was put into a holding area with other children. One of the young girls, Fahn, was Japanese, first sold to China, and now being sold again.




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