What a lovely lovely voice

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what a lovely lovely voice

Seiyuu-Ka! Lovely Voice Vol. 8 by Maki Minami

Hime/Shiro; Hime has finally landed another big job, as a popular character in a manga. Its not often that side characters are big with the fans but it does happen - like Ace in one piece or Loke in Fairy Tail.

Senri: Senri has a huge part in this one as we finally delve more into his past. Its obvious he did not have a normal child hood. The meeting of his parents was sweet, but we soon learn how quickly it began to spiral. And we see how his mothers personality and belief that everything is an act poisoned her child.


Sakura Aoyama: Senris mother..... she is very emotionally stunted. I will have to reserve judgment until we know more about her, but for now shell stay under bad.
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Kejvi - Lovely - Audicionet e Fshehura - The Voice Kids Albania 2019

The Lovely Voice Of God

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Such a lovely voice

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    The Lovely Voice of God by AidaLive | Aida Live | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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