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anthony de mello call to love

Call To Love Meditations by Anthony de Mello

Anthony de Mello was a Jesuit priest and psychotherapist who became widely known for his books on spirituality. An internationally acclaimed spiritual guide, writer and public speaker, de Mello hosted many spiritual conferences.

The few talks which he allowed to be filmed, such as A Rediscovery of Life and A Way to God for Today, have inspired many viewers and audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Central America. De Mello established a prayer center in India. He died suddenly in 1987. His works are readily available and additional writings were published after his death.

In 1998, some of his opinions were condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI, wrote for the Congregation:
But already in certain passages in [his] early works and to a greater degree in his later publications, one notices a progressive distancing from the essential contents of the Christian faith. ... With the present Notification, in order to protect the good of the Christian faithful, this Congregation declares that the above-mentioned positions are incompatible with the Catholic faith and can cause grave harm.

Some editions of his books have since been supplemented with the insertion of a caution:
The books of Father Anthony de Mello were written in a multi-religious context to help the followers of other religions, agnostics and atheists in their spiritual search, and they were not intended by the author as manuals of instruction of the Catholic faithful in Christian doctrine or dogma.
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Anthony DeMello - The Way to Love - Ch 2 - Discipleship

Call To Love Meditations

A spiritual teacher, writer, and public speaker , de Mello wrote several books on spirituality and hosted numerous spiritual retreats and conferences. He continues to be known for his storytelling which drew from the various mystical traditions of both East and West and for introducing many people in the West to mindfulness -based practices he sometimes called "awareness prayer. He was born in Bombay , British India , on 4 September At the age of 16, de Mello entered the Society of Jesus at the seminary of Vinalaya on the outskirts of Bombay. In , he was sent to Spain to study philosophy in Barcelona before undertaking ministry. He then returned to India to study theology at De Nobili College in Pune and was ordained to the priesthood in March

Saturday, October 29, Meditation 31 - Divinity is all around you. Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. One hears mystics speak of a divinity all around them that is within our grasp, that would make our lives meaningful and beautiful and rich, if we could only discover it. People have some sort of a vague idea as to what this thing is. They read books and consult Gurus, in the attempt to find out what it is that they must do to gain this elusive thing called Holiness or Spirituality. People pick up all sorts of methods, techniques, spiritual exercises, formulas; then after years of fruitless striving, they become discouraged and confused and wonder what went wrong. Mostly they blame themselves.

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This past week I ran into a man from India and I asked him about the popularity of the writings of Fr. Anthony de Mello in India. What you will find below are two things:. The gentleman I ran into seemed to indicate that it was OK for folks to read Fr. The fact is, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has not issued any retraction or modification on his writings. So, the warning is still in effect and anyone seeking to learn authentic Catholic spirituality should have absolutely nothing to do with Fr. The Indian Jesuit priest, Father Anthony de Mello is well known due to his numerous publications which, translated into various languages, have been widely circulated in many countries of the world, though not all of these texts were authorized by him for publication.

He sings because he has a song. As Anthony de Mello's influence exceeded borders of Roman Catholic Church, I feel a need to elaborate these three points against ecumenical background of de Mello readers. The opening quotation from The Song of the Bird proposes that Anthony de Mello was not interested in writing Catechisms or several volumes long textbooks of Systematic Theology or extended commentaries on the Codex of Canon Law. Not that these things would be unimportant, but we have to look at other authors if we want to find this kind of theological statements. With Anthony de Mello we rather encounter a story-teller, a poet and a prayer companion. His main interest is to wake up people from lethargy by his "songs", to help them in rediscovering a sense of prayer, contemplative silence and human solidarity. For this purpose he uses what comes to his hand and seems to be useful, trusting that the loving God is present in all things.



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