Best hammer house of horror films

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best hammer house of horror films

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Published 01.06.2019

Top 10 Hammer Horror Films

Hammer Film Productions is a British film production company based in London. Founded in , the company is best known for a series of gothic horror films made from the mids until the s. Many of these involved classic horror characters such as Baron Frankenstein , Count Dracula , and The Mummy , which Hammer re-introduced to audiences by filming them in vivid colour for the first time.

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With their constant bodice rippings, ample cleavage, vivid crimson blood, and lush atmospheric costumes and sets, Hammer was second only to Universal Pictures when it came to classic monsters and classic scares. Hell, they even briefly got involved in the kung fu craze. But in addition to their dashingly handsome stars, gorgeous femme fatales, stunning musical scores, and eye popping sets, Hammer was known for its monsters! But man, does it feature one great looking lead monster. The Mummy design in this film might be my favorite looking undead Egyptian since Boris Karloff rose from his sarcophagus. In this film, a bunch of very British and very hapless archeologists find the mummified remains of a lost child prince.

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These films were classics that still influence the genre, but like all good things they came to an end. Filling the void of gothic horror films left by the end of the Universal Monsters franchise was the British studio, Hammer Film Production. With American genre films leaning more in a post-WW2 science fiction angle, audiences flocked to see the bloody horror films produced across the pond that made cinema legends out of actors like; Sir Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing , and Oliver Reed. I am aware that lately the studio has experienced a resurgence but for the sake of keeping things classy their more recent films are not eligible for inclusion. By simply standing there he oozed of; evil, malice, and sensuality.

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