The fifth element full movie

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the fifth element full movie

The Fifth Element by Terry Bisson

Every five thousand years, a door opens between the dimensions. In one dimension lies the universe and all of its multitude of varied life forms.

In another exists an element made not of earth, air, fire or water, but of an anti-energy, anti-life. This thing, this darkness, waits patiently at the threshold of the universe for an opportunity to extinguish all life and all light.

Every five thousand years, the universe needs a hero, and in New York City of the 23rd Century, a good hero is hard to find.

The Fifth Element, a timeless story about love and survival, heroes and villains, good and evil, set in a strangely familiar yet intoxicatingly different 23rd Century. The film stars Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich. The Fifth Element is written directed by Luc Besson, the visually innovative director of La Femme Nikita and The Professional.

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The Fifth Element - Chris Tucker (Ruby Rhod) Best Epic Moments 1080pHD

Life is short and times are hard and there are only so many movies you can jam into your brain during your time on this earth. Yet we keep returning to old faves again and again. No, when we need some cinematic comfort food, we dive into the pop genres: action, comedy, sci-fi.
Terry Bisson

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a bold, bright, loud, rowdy, lush, extravagant science fiction space opera th Aside from Besson's impressive directorial panache, always providing something eye-catching and or It fuses slapstick with screwball comedy in brilliant ways, and appreciates the necessity of levit Narratively challenged, visually monotonous and aurally overpowering, The Fifth Element is a stagg Even 20 years on, The Fifth Element hasn't lost very much of its ability to thoroughly confound an Luc Besson's The Fifth Element is a dazzling, funny, and exciting sci-fi actioner that features un A jaw-dropping, mind-blowing pop epic that gives you everything from the slam-bang sci-fi fantasy

Primarily set in the 23rd century, the film's central plot involves the survival of planet Earth, which becomes the responsibility of Korben Dallas Willis , a taxicab driver and former special forces major, after a young woman Jovovich falls into his cab. To accomplish this, Dallas joins forces with her to recover four mystical stones essential for the defense of Earth against the impending attack of a malevolent cosmic entity. Besson started writing the story that became The Fifth Element when he was 16 years old; he was 38 when the film opened in cinemas. Besson wanted to shoot the film in France, but suitable facilities could not be found; filming took place instead in London and Mauritania. Costume design was by Jean-Paul Gaultier. The Fifth Element received mainly positive reviews, although it tended to polarize critics. It has been called both the best and worst summer blockbuster of all time.

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The Fifth Element

Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Fifth Element In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet. A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel.



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