Right where we belong by brenda novak

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right where we belong by brenda novak

Right Where We Belong (Silver Springs, #4) by Brenda Novak

It may not be called cheating for the sake of technicality, however, this was one emotional doormat hero who was weakest of the weak who cheated on the both women. Physical AND emotionally on the OW and emotionally on the heroine.
He KNEW what difficult situation heroine was in yet he kept on jumping her without even the promise of future restraints in his part when he has promised the OW heíll try to start over.
And WTF does he mean he didnít cheat on the OW with h, because they werenít exclusive? He gave her a promise to start over for the sake of the baby. Sounds like commitment enough to me. Because for it to be an open relationship the OW will have to agree, which she at no point of time did. What exactly did he fucking think starting over entails? This has to be the lamest attempt of the author trying to make a weak hero look honourable!

IF he didnít agree to her machinations and manipulation, his words should have been ďIíll try things out with you AFTER the baby is born and IF itís mine.Ē

It was SO degrading and insulting how he was using the issue of OW to the heroine whoís already bruised and battered and he was damaging her more!

Heroine was suitably mortified to know that he took her to bed the first time AFTER he found out about the pregnancy and agreed to work things out with OW.

It wasnít until he realised that heroine CAN and most likely will move on to someone else as sheíll start counting him as taken and sheís not going to live as a monk, that he finally broke things up with OW. Even then, he wasnít strong enough.

It took heroine to completely shut him off, and telling him to go fuck himself as she wonít be second best to anyone, even his kids, to finally make the correct move. She had extremely valid points. IF youíre going to be in your kidís life, Iíll support you as a partner but then I need to have the right place in your life. But if youíre going to drop me without even acknowledging me in future in favour to the OW, it means you want HER in your life too, then you need to make her your priority, she deserves nothing less, and you canít keep me in the wings. You need to choose between the two, and frankly speaking you should marry the OW, she needs you, you canít let her go. I donít NEED you and Iíll get over you.

He finally realised he canít have his cake and eat it too, and THAT was his motivation, NOT love.

Do you know how distasteful it was to read about him fucking the heroine and coming to his home and almost going to bed with the OW? Even if itís just for sleep? Or even if they end up in different beds, how disturbing it is to read how sheís in his house throughout the night trying to seduce him?

Author tried to present the hero as honourable and dutiful. My personal opinion? Neither the author or the hero would know the meaning of honour if it smacked them on the face!

And as for the OW, she was evil and selfish and shallow and deserved everything that came her way except for false promises.

Oh yeah, heroine cracks the case against her ex by sneaking into her ex mother in laws basement by gathering evidence where police couldnít get search warrant for.

Now putting aside the fact itís dubious at its best, correct me if Iím wrong, any evidence acquired without a valid search warrant or beforehand reading rights can never be used in courts. Thatís why warrants and Miranda rights are so fucking important, hey?

Also, what kind of a brother gets impatient at the fact that youíre being bullied at the town and you want to move to make a change because your ex husband was a psychopath?
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Right Where We Belong

Luckily for her and her children, she can go to Silver Springs to restart her lifeÖand maybe even meet someone worth falling for. Savanna Gray needs a do-over. With her divorce settled, she takes her two children home to Silver Springs to seek refuge between the walls of the farmhouse where she was born. Gavin Turner understands the struggle of starting over. He steps up when Savanna needs help fixing thingsóeven when those things go beyond the farmhouse. Despite an escalating attraction to Gavin, Savanna resolves to keep her distance. She trusted her ex, who had a similarly tragic background, and is unwilling to repeat her past mistakes.

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