Villainous queen in titus andronicus

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villainous queen in titus andronicus

Titus Andronicus Quotes by William Shakespeare

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Villainous queen in "Titus Andronicus"

Though she asks for pardon against the Andronicus family, she secretly plots revenge against them for her, her lover, and her sons, and furthermore for Titus' sacrifice of her son Alarbus. The revenge plot begins when Tamora and her lover, Aaron, convince her sons to kill Bassianus, the Emperor's brother, and rape Lavinia, daughter of Titus and Bassianus' lover. She also arranges for Martius and Quintus, Titus' sons, to be framed for the murder of Bassianus when the Moor forges a false letter, which leads to them both being executed by beheading. When Aaron lies to Titus saying that the Emperor will spare them if he cuts off his own hand, Tamora send the severed heads of his sons to him instead. Meanwhile, Tamora secretly gives birth to a mixed-race child, fathered by Aaron.

Home Shakespeare Titus Andronicus Characters. Titus Andronicus by: William Shakespeare. Father of Lavinia and Lucius. Titus has spent the last ten years fighting Rome's enemies and winning honor for his country, yet his heroic deeds have taken so much out of him that he feels incapable of leading his country despite its desire that he be its new emperor. He is first held up as a model of piety for his staunch reverence for traditions, but it is this strict adherence to tradition that causes his enemies to take revenge against him. A Senecan hero, he pursues revenge to the end, and dies in the process.







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    Titus Andronicus is a tragedy by William Shakespeare , believed to have been written between and , probably in collaboration with George Peele.

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    Clue: Villainous queen in "Titus Andronicus"

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