50 greatest players in nba history

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50 greatest players in nba history

NBAs 50 Greatest Basketball Players of All-Time by Johnny Osaki

Most extensive book available on all-time greats-all the Facts & Stats you need to know in just one book. Latest talked about triple-double stats of Oscar, Wilt, Baylor, and Kareem. Sample the first 3 chapters free: Latest and most extensive book available! This all-in-one revised edition book of basketball is a great statistical and factual reference with outstanding player descriptions, analysis and skill sets (In the Kindle edition the online preview for the chapter titles do not appear aligned until compressed and viewed on your Kindle device). To begin (If you are a big-time basketball fan and like objective-facts and numbers, this resource is like a mini encyclopedia in the palm of your hands), after you read the description and the first few pages on Amazons preview (Look Inside!), make sure to click Surprise me! - to get a true glimpse of what this book is all about - better yet, click on Search Inside this book and punch in your favorite player! And that includes you too, Skip Bayless from ESPNs First Take. So far at the end of August, a panel of experts (so to speak) on the show have been giving their selections for Top 3 Greatest Players of All-Time soon after LeBron James publicly announced his. He chose, of course Michael Jordan, and then Dr. J & Larry Bird - followed by Magic Johnson after he was asked to name a fourth. And then more recently, current and past players were giving their Mount Rushmore picks (Top 4) with assortment of mixed opinions. LeBron gave his in a more serious interview during the 2014 All-Star break when he then chose Jordan, Magic, Bird, and then Oscar Robertson! Hard to argue with those picks. Well, also, this is partly what this new 2013 release is all about, ranking the greatest players of all-time. LeBron himself would be amazed of what is written about him as a player. In addition, every chapter on every player has an awesome and unmatched description of his attributes an very own skill set! This book is a must have for all basketball fans. It contains hardcore facts and stats of The NBAs 50 Greatest Players of All-Time (rankings of Magic, Bird, Jordan, Wilt, Russell, Oscar, Dream and the rest of the greats of the game- find out whos in the top 10?) with exclusive projected rankings of seven current players? As they approach their primes and where they might end up in the Elite Rankings of All-Time! On the cover of the book and on its first page title, instead of changing the subtitle from projected pick six?, to a projected super seven! I have decided to keep both subtitles. Within the 57 chapter player rankings, there is also an additional 50 plus players written about exclusively and extensively including Kevin Love in Blake Griffin’s chapter as potentially becoming the greatest power forward of the current era. In the player comparisons throughout, it distinguishes which players are better than others from an objective point of view- which in turn allows you to judge for yourselves! For example: Is Wilt Chamberlain better than Bill Russell or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Is Magic Johnson better than Larry Bird? Is Kobe Bryant better than Jerry West? Is Tim Duncan better than Karl Malone? Is John Stockton better than Isaih Thomas? Also listed is an All-Time NBA First Team, Second Team, and Third Team based on projected rankings. The book is filled with player introductions including a mini-biography, player opinions from past and current great players, player attributes and skill sets, records and individual accolades, award and honors, player rankings and player comparisons throughout, and a player’s chronological history year by year with interceding player evaluations of the NBA’s elite and players outside the top 50. The book was completed at near 200,000 words.
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1992 US Olympic "Dream" Team's Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

No player has been handed so many fantastic nicknames Black Jesus, Earl the Pearl and for good reason: Monroe was the epitome of playground flash meets NBA substance. Unfortunately, injuries limited him over the last three years of his career and forced him into early retirement.
Johnny Osaki

Updating and Ranking The 50 Greatest Players of the NBA

Where do you start and end when ranking players? Is it accolades, championships, all-time points, defensive stats? The overall game changes so frequently; in previous eras, guys were playing 40 minutes a night. In the new era, pace is ridiculously high and guys can shoot threes at an insane rate. Can you accurately create a relative scale between the two?

There's a specific type of greatness that basketball brings out in its players. It's unlike any other sport, in my opinion. It's both beautiful and aggressively destructive all at the same time. Being the greatest in a place like the NBA means playing at your best every single second. You don't get GOAT status by coasting on games. That's what a professional basketball player strives for whenever they step on the court.

These fifty players were selected through a vote by a panel of media members, former players and coaches, and current and former general managers. In addition, the top ten head coaches and top ten single-season teams in NBA history were selected by media members as part of the celebration. The announcement marked the beginning of a season -long celebration of the league's anniversary. The list was made through unranked voting completed by fifty selected panelists. Sixteen of the panelists were former players voting in their roles as players, thirteen were members of the print and broadcast news media, and twenty-one were team representatives: contemporary and former general managers , head coaches , and executives.

The players out on that floor, in those jackets, made for a surreal collection of talent representing past and present.
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50 Greatest Players Remix (2017)




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    They were chosen in by a panel of former players and coaches, current and former general managers, and media members.

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    50 Greatest Players In NBA History

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    But time passed — and Allen Iverson started crossing up dudes nightly.

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