Voice of love manga read

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voice of love manga read

Voice of Love by Pongpong

This manga was really nice, and also if I wanted to punch to death the evil ex boyfriend for all that he tried to do, I couldnt stop reading this story. The MCs were so pure and cute and also if Id have liked to see more chapters about them as couple, I can understand that this was a shounen-ai and nothing really hot was going to happen. Thanks to the speeches, though, and many of the scenes we can presume that nothing more than kisses happened with the ex, when they were together in the past(in middle school), and that made me really happy, bcs our MCs were perfect together. And for the first time in a BL manga, I really loved the ukes best friend, she was awesome.

Nice HEA, also if a bit too short. Maybe in the future the mangaka will make a sequel (or second season).
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Published 07.08.2019

[OFFICIAL Trailer] Voice of Love - Lezhin Comics

Voice of Love manga info and recommendations. I recommend this %! This is actually something that I would not read because there is no smut in it but I.

Voice of Love

Recently, Korean manhwa, either webtoons or paper ones, are gaining huge popularity and, exactly like Japanese manga, they touch various genres. BL manhwa, thanks to an enthusiastic fandom, are now appreciated around the world and they keep gaining popularity by the day. Exactly like BL manga, BL manhwa depict homosexual relationships between two hotties, focusing on the plot, but never forgetting to serve on a silver platter some mild or not-so-mild boy-on-boy action. We can find mafia bosses falling madly in love with their subordinates, vampires falling in love with humans, masters falling in love with their servants, and so on. What every BL manhwa share, is the tenderness of a wonderful love story and supposedly a happy ending. In this ranking, we'll try to list ten among the best BL manhwa out there.

What makes manga so Special?

Fake relationships? Friends to lovers? We have that. Enemies to lovers? We know and love them!

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