Philippe i duke of orleans

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philippe i duke of orleans

Profile for Philippe II, Duke of Orleans from The Great Nation: France from Louis XV to Napoleon: The New Penguin History of France (page 1)

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Sorry - Philippe d'Orleans (Versailles)

Philippe II, Duke of Orleans

Born at his father's palace at Saint-Cloud, he was known from birth under the title of Duke of Chartres. Named regent of France for Louis XV until Louis attained his majority on 15 February , the period of his de facto rule was known as the Regency — He died at Versailles in The marriage was stormy; Henrietta was a famed beauty, sometimes depicted as flirtatious by those at the court of Versailles. This entitled him to the style of Royal Highness from birth, as well as the right to be seated in an armchair in the king's presence. At his birth, he was titled Duke of Chartres and was formally addressed as Monseigneur le duc de Chartres. As the second living son of his parents, his birth was not greeted with the enthusiasm the Duke of Valois had received in

Brother of Louis XIV, Monsieur

At the time of his birth, he was created Duke of Anjou. He was treated and dressed like a girl, showered with jewelry and clothes with any masculine behavior deliberately suppressed. Educated by tutors chosen by Cardinal Mazarin, Philippe was well educated with an emphasis in languages, history, literature, mathematics, and dancing. Henrietta Maria wanted her daughter to marry her cousin King Louis XIV but his mother was not in favor of the marriage. Instead, Louis married Maria Theresa of Spain, another first cousin, in Now that Henrietta was the sister of the English king, her cousin Philippe became interested in marrying her.

Jump to navigation. Without going into detail, he suggests the way in which Philippe was perceived as a contradiction:. Monsieur charged with a valour and presence of mind which were unexpected in an effeminate prince. The king, his brother, seemed jealous of his glory. He did not speak much to Monsieur about his victory. He did not even go to see the battlefield, even though he was staying close by.

Even though Philippe I died before the Spanish Succession war really commenced it is nice to know something of Philippe I of Orleans in order to put French Court life into perspective. In general Mazarin's policy was directed at centralizing authority, meaning the whole country should submit to the king. This policy was also adapted in bringing up the royal family. So, while Louis XIV was brought up to rule, Philippe's education was not directed at being the smartest man at court. This meant he was not required to study much and was allowed to play a lot. I cannot say whether his upbringing brought up a feminine trait in his character, or this trait just surfaced during his youth, but Philippe later became known for it. Saint Simon gives this portrait of his looks of Orleans: Monsieur was a little man with a belly.


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