Can a christian marriage survive an affair

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can a christian marriage survive an affair

Surviving an Affair by Willard F. Harley Jr.

Infidelity is common, occurring in over half of all marriages. And yet, it is one of lifes most painful experiences for everyone involved--the betrayed spouse, the children, the extended family members, and even the lover and wayward spouse. With all that sadness, why do people have affairs? And once that trust is broken, how can a couple reconcile?
In Surviving an Affair, Drs. Harley and Chalmers help readers understand and survive every aspect of infidelity. They describe the most common types of affairs, the reasons they begin and end, the best way to end them, and the best way to restore marriage after an affair. Most importantly, the authors help readers survive the entire ordeal by providing them with step-by-step guidance that minimizes suffering and offers hope for a loving and trusting marital relationship. (137)
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8 Reasons Why I Stayed Married After Betrayal

PluggedIn Christian Movie & Entertainment Reviews The number of marriages that will survive an affair — and go on to build an even.
Willard F. Harley Jr.

Can Your Marriage Survive Infidelity?

There is no betrayal like the betrayal of a spouse choosing emotional or physical fulfillment outside of the marriage. When this happens, how can a Christian marriage recover from an affair? How does one forgive and move forward? Is there any hope? When both — the spouse at fault and the one hurt — are willing to be open, honest, and work through the betrayal in order to make things work, then there is always hope. The process will not be easy. True repentance with the right counseling and with some practical tools put in place, will lead to a marriage that has the potential to become closer and stronger than it was before the affair took place.

Divorce breaks the hearts of those involved - couples, children, parents, friends, church, and the heart of God. One of the greatest underlying events destroying marriages today is adultery. The following is a frank and spiritual message on how to save a marriage after an affair. My fervent passion is in saving marriages and making them healthy and holy again. I encourage you to at least make a commitment not to remain at a disinterested distance when couples you love have their lives coming apart. Subcategories included Revenge Affairs, Affairs of Opportunity at the right place at the right time to do the wrong thing , Self-Esteem Booster Affairs, and more. It was once called "Swinging" and now its participants just call it "The Lifestyle.

The topic of infidelity and cheating spouses is everywhere. We hear about it frequently in the media and have seen the marriages of friends or relatives that have been devastated by affairs. It's no surprise that many couples internally ask the question, "How would I cope? It's particularly common to also wonder if your own marriage could survive such a serious betrayal. Popular psychologist and self-help book author, Dr. Harriet Lerner writes about this in a PsychologyToday. She writes,.

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Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach. First 30 days on campus are critical for reaching freshmen, but this window is rapidly closing Lori Rigdon found herself furiously knocking on the door of the woman her husband cheated on her with and yelled question after question. The woman, Vicki, whose baby bump was already showing asked Lori to not speak to her while her toddler could hear, but Lori only felt betrayal. No one had shown consideration for her; why should she show compassion for this woman? That was the moment of complete truthfulness.

Sally, an outdoor enthusiast, is happily married to her husband, Sam, a computer buff. Sally made lots of new friends. On hikes they would talk about kids, spouses, etc. While Sally loves Sam, she shares the love of the outdoors with these men and women. This starts a gradual erosion of boundaries and often leads to an affair. This is often when you see people acting like they are drunk in love.

Karen figures out Harry has cheated on her and confronts him with an interesting question. She asks, "What would you do if you were in my position? Would you stay, knowing that your life would always be a little bit worse, or would you cut and run? That question is one any couple going through the pain of infidelity is forced to confront. It's also easy to default to hopelessness about the relationship because the pain of betrayal cuts so deep. Many couples make immediate decisions based on the emotion of the moment, which can end the relationship or damage it even more. The emotions are valid, but while the short term appears bleak, what about the long term?


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    We see infidelity on shows like The Affair and Divorce, and maybe even hear about cheating that goes on in the relationships of friends of friends.

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