Motifs in things fall apart

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motifs in things fall apart

Man and His Symbols by C.G. Jung

My university professors never introduced me to Carl Jung. I understand why, I guess, but its a shame that I didnt read Jungs work until now. Jungian psychology is amazing. It addresses the unconscious and the self/psyche in a unique and enlightening way. And, unlike most other psychologists, Jung did not shy away from unexplained phenomena and the so-called paranormal. His theory provides insights into unexplained phenomena and is the only major psychological theory that includes the paranormal in a way that doesnt dismiss it as nonsense. I cant recommend this book highly enough. I strongly encourage whoever is reading this sentence to purchase a copy of Man and His Symbols immediately. You wont regret it. Its one of the best books Ive ever read. I plan to read the rest of Jungs writings now.
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Things Fall Apart - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Things Fall Apart

Each of the pictures shone is a motif, in other words an object that represents a theme from the text. The yams, machete, gun, drums, kola nuts, and palm wine all represent a theme in this book. But not only were they the main food supply but the reason these people lived. They slept, ate and breathed yams. Their entire social system was based on yams, how many you had or how little you had.

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Okonkwo’s Misfortune

Another definition of chi that has been seen in the text. Okonkwo seems more or less responsible for his own death:., Things Fall Apart. The Chi is used to show the characters personal god which is determined by the fortune they poses or the lack of fortune.

The concept of chi is discussed at various points throughout the novel and is important to our understanding of Okonkwo as a tragic hero. Thus, depending upon our interpretation of chi, Okonkwo seems either more or less responsible for his own tragic death. Okonkwo himself shifts between these poles: when things are going well for him, he perceives himself as master and maker of his own destiny; when things go badly, however, he automatically disavows responsibility and asks why he should be so ill-fated. In their descriptions, categorizations, and explanations of human behavior and wisdom, the Igbo often use animal anecdotes to naturalize their rituals and beliefs. Another important animal image is the figure of the sacred python. Things Fall Apart by: Chinua Achebe.


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