Different ways to spell elliot

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different ways to spell elliot

My Twisted World by Elliot Rodger

A 141-page manifesto/autobiography of Elliot Rodger. He details his life, his motivation for the 2014 Isla Vista attack, and his plans for carrying out the massacre.

--------------NOTE TO READERS:---------------
This manifesto contains graphic descriptions of violence, some sexuality, and misogynistic and racist remarks. Reader discretion is advised. Content is not suitable for minors.
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Alternate Name Speller

How is this name properly spelled? It seems to me, an "Elliott" for well over five decades, that the majority of us spell our name with all seven letters, no matter how redundant that may seem. I recently came upon the section of your website devoted to the proper spelling of your name, Elliott, and felt the need to contribute my two-cents on the matter. You are correct in noting that the vast majority of individuals today spell the name with the full seven letters. You also correctly note that in modern English the double-t spelling makes sense for pronunciation purposes, as the name looks French with a single t. In fact, the name came to English from French and first appears after the Norman Conquest!

I'm still hesitating to go all in on this name even though I love it because just this week I once again had to deal with someone not being able to find me in their computer system because they spelled my name wrong based on how they assumed it would be, instead of listening to me. I know having to correct people all the time doesn't bother some people, but it's always bugged me and I specifically chose names with established spellings for my first 4 kids partly for that reason. I love only having to spell out or last name and then just say their first names when taking them out sick from school or scheduling appointments for doctors can you tell what my week has been full of ;? But my current top name doesn't have an established 'correct' spelling. They've been neck and neck for decades. And that fact doesn't take it out of the running completely but it does make me hesitate. So convince me that this won't be a big issue for him?

By Candace Alper Dec 15, Drake is a famous Aubrey! But such a strong, simple name works equally as well for girls. Kyle This one might surprise some. And why not?

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Elliot also spelled Eliot , Elliotte , Elliott , [1] Eliott [2] and Elyot [3] is a personal name which can serve as either a surname or a given name. Although the given name was historically given to males, females named Elliot have increased from in to in , in United States. The origin of the Scottish surname is obscure, due to much of the genealogy of the Eliott clan being burnt in the destruction of the castle at Stobs in AD. The whole subject of the Scottish name origin is discussed by Keith Elliot Hunter on the Elliot Clan website [10] where he argues for a Breton origin to the name and the first chief being William d'Alyth. Under that name, the d'Alyths played a key role in the Scottish Wars of Independence [11] However, Mark Elliot presents a well-argued case that there is no connection between the Elliot river and town with the clan and believes the origins are in the first name of Elwald, which appears in Northumberland in the 8th century king, Elwald 1. The name has Anglo-Saxon origins and appears alongside Armstrong in Northumbrian records dating from

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  1. Alaor C. says:

    Re: Poll- What is the correct way to spell Elliott?

  2. Thierry B. says:

    Spelling of Elliott?

  3. Marilu C. says:

    Elliot is a personal name which can serve as either a surname or a given name. Although the (August ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Differences in spelling can be distinguished in this rhyme: . Among the many famous people with this name are the authors T. S. Eliot and George Eliot.

  4. Thelma L. says:

    Jan 29, I love the name Elliott but I cannot decide which way I should spell it. is my second favorite); Elliott has too many double letters and looks like.

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