Women beware women plot summary

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women beware women plot summary

Women Beware Women by Thomas Middleton

Women Beware Women tells the story of Brancha, a woman who escapes from her rich home to elope with the poor Leantio. Fearful and insecure, Leantio requires that his mother lock Brancha up while he is away. While locked up, the Duke of Florence spots Brancha in a window and attempts to woo her with the help of Livia, a widow. When Leantio returns he discovers that Brancha has been corrupted and no longer loves him because he lacks wealth and fortune. Hippolito, Livias brother, is tormented because he is in love with his niece Isabella. Isabella returns the love to her uncle but to keep their relationship a secret Livia encourages Isabella to marry the Ward, a young heir. Busy putting together illegitimate relationships, Livia discovers that she is also able to love again and as a result, she seeks the love of Leantio. However, as affairs and relationships are exposed, one of the bloodiest Jacobean tragedies is created.
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Women Beware Women - Sneak peek

Women Beware Women

W hat if Romeo and Juliet had lived? What if Romeo had been waiting there when Juliet awoke in the tomb, and the two of them had giddily eloped to Mantua, to live happily ever after? They wouldn't have any money. Romeo would need to get a job. Juliet would stay at home all day, afraid that her family would find her if she dared to venture out. Alone at home, she'd be bored out of her skull.

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Eliot poet, critic, and publisher. Women Beware Women. Strangers and Natives: Women Beware Women. Women Beware Women c. Set in Florence, the action involves two interwoven plots. The main plot is loosely based on the life of the historical Bianca Cappello, who became the mistress, and then the consort, of Francesco de' Medici

The date of authorship of the play is deeply uncertain. Scholars have estimated its origin anywhere from to ; [1] 24 has been plausibly suggested. Both the Register entry and the first edition's title page assign Women Beware Women to Middleton an attribution which has never been seriously questioned and which is accepted by the scholarly consensus. The octavo text of the play is prefaced by a commendatory poem by Nathaniel Richards , author of The Tragedy of Messalina published Thomas Dekker 's play Match Me in London written c. Women Beware Women tells the story of Bianca, a woman who escapes from her rich home to elope with the poor Leantio.

The set of Women Beware Women is deceptively simple. Nothing more than a multi-level platform painted to resemble cobblestones, the stage is entirely devoid of furniture or props. It is the perfect setting for a two-and a half-hour play laden with treachery, deceit, romance and tragedy. Women Beware Women is an entertaining excursion through the darker side of human, and more specifically female, nature. Kate Powell GSAS is riveting in the role of Livia, the evil-hearted, self-centered perpetrator of much of the conflict that exists in this complex, somewhat scandalous production that was performed last weekend at the Loeb Experimental Theater. Written by Jacobean playwright Thomas Middleton in the early 17th century, Women Beware Women might seem at risk of being somewhat out-of-date: the tricky iambic pentameter of the dialogue and rather archaic betrothal practices are more reminiscent of Shakespearean times than they are of modern day America. However, the production is at times so wicked, so sensationalist think lots of incest and death , that the audience can't help but be captivated.


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