Good sex positions in the shower

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good sex positions in the shower

Cosmos Aqua Kama Sutra: 25 Sex Positions for the Tub, Shower, Pool, and More by Cosmopolitan Magazine

This spring, Cosmo will make another big splash with the follow-up to the blockbuster bestseller The Cosmo Kama Sutra! With 100% waterproof pages and 25 wet-n-wild passion poses, this get-it-on guide is what every couple needs to make their slippery sexcapades extra steamy.

Cover your rubber duckys eyes! Cosmopolitan is back with The Cosmo Aqua Kama Sutra. These 25 passion poses, from the “Tub Tango” to the “The Deep Water Dare,” have been specially designed to make every couples wanton water adventure a success. Just like its pulse-racing predecessor, Cosmos newest carnal companion is packed with colorful illustrations, detailed instructions and tips to intensify every erotic moment. Plus, there are “Lust Lessons” throughout to answer readers most burning booty questions, including a primer that covers everything they need to know about sex in the water to a lusty list of aquatic accoutrements. And heres the bonus: the pages are waterproof, so daring duos can take this book into the pool, hot tub, shower, sea, or wherever the tawdry tides take them. So pick up a copy of The Cosmo Aqua Sutra and discover a whole new meaning to the H2Ohhhh!   
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Shower Rod? How to Have Safe Shower Sex

Who doesn't get a little turned on when their partner joins them in the shower? The cascading water, the steam, the delicious aromas wafting through the air, and the spanking-clean, naked skin are total aphrodisiacs. But let's be real: Shower sex ain't easy to pull off.
Cosmopolitan Magazine

The Secrets of Amazing Shower Sex

Stand up straight with your hands against the wall and legs spread slightly. Your man will enter you from behind. Tip: Be sure to aim your shower head as downward as possible so the water isn't hitting you guys directly in the face. That can be distracting and things will get really wet — not in a good way. Know how you lift your leg up and set it at the edge of the tub to shave? That's an awesome sex position tried and true, just saying! Just make sure you have something to grip on.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Sophie Saint Thomas. Unfortunately, shower sex is sometimes a better idea than actual sexual activity. Showers are wet and slippery, which can lead to some awkward fumbling or even injury and nothing is more of a mood-killer than blaring ambulance sirens.

In the movies, shower sex is almost always depicted as being both sexy and easy. The reality, however, can be quite different. The good news is that, with a little forethought, shower sex can be as good as we all want it to be. Below are several tips that can help turn shower sex from tricky to tremendous, plus a few shower sex positions to help you get started. These include sex-enhancing footrests and hand grips that stick to a tiled wall with a suction cup and purport to enable more vigorous and varied positions. Set yourself up for successful shower sex by taking a moment to make your bathroom more conducive to sexytime.

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If you've ever had shower sex that made you feel like a wet chihuahua—shivering, uncomfortable, and letting the person manhandling you bark directions—you're not alone. Getting dirty in the place that you go to get clean is far more complicated than any rom-com side-eyeing you, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days , Friends With Benefits or porno suggests. Two, water is not I repeat, NOT a lubricant—in fact, it can actually make you feel more dry than wet I know, the irony. And last but not least, there is absolutely nothing sexy about accidentally taking a gulp of hot water up your nose or in your mouth when you're trying to focus on getting your O. But before you cross shower sex off your sex bucket list for good, you may want to give it another go.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. There seems to be a never-ending quest to conquer shower sex, and the number of tips are almost endless. You think that one-legged standing sex position is going to work out for you and then … it really doesn't. You wind up with this awkward, dry humping and grinding situation that often ends in frustration and general angst. So is having good sex in the shower even worth trying?


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    There are only handful of shower sex positions that work well inside a cramped, slippery space.

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