Legend of the christmas spider summary

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legend of the christmas spider summary

The Spiders Gift: A Ukrainian Christmas Story by Eric A. Kimmel

Katrusya is devastated that her family cannot afford Christmas presents this year, but it simply wouldnt be Christmas without a tree. She soon finds the perfect one in the deepest part of the forest and decorates it with homemade ornaments. But the next day the tree is crawling with spiders! Luckily, Katrusya convinces her mother not to throw the tree away. When the family returns from church that evening, they discover that the spiders have left a dazzling Christmas miracle.
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Published 06.09.2019

The Christmas Spider

Spiders might seem like a symbol specific to Halloween , but the eight-legged creatures actually play an important part in another holiday.
Eric A. Kimmel

The Story Behind Christmas Spider and Tinsel on Your Tree

This is largely due to the legend of the Christmas spider, a European folktale that offers a mythical backstory for tinsel on Christmas trees. And although the story itself is fictional, it still features an uncommonly fair portrayal of spiders as non-monsters. There are several versions, but the spiders generally range from benevolent to beneficial. And by encouraging people to symbolically embrace house spiders via spider-shaped ornaments, this tradition weaves a subtle message about coexistence that, as with many holiday fables, resonates well beyond Christmas. Tinsel on Christmas trees was inspired by friendly spiders, legend suggests.

The video above adorably shows how spiders may celebrate Christmas today. Many people use tinsel to decorate their trees. It makes the tree look so sparkly and shiny! Originally, tinsel was made from silver, but when the candles on the tree smoked the silver and turned it black, manufacturers tested making it out of different metals like tin, lead and aluminum. In the s, tinsel was more popular than lights for decorating Christmas trees because it was much less of a fire hazard.

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The Christmas Spider Legend

We use cookies. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. Legend of the Christmas Spider. Long, long ago, on one Christmas Eve, the spiders were banished from homes while the houses were cleaned for Christmas and their webs were broken. They just managed to survive and had to move to the farthest corner of the attic for the time being. However, some of the young spiders longed to see the decorated Christmas trees and the little Christ child that came to bless the homes in the midnight.


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    The Legend of the Christmas Spider is an Eastern European folktale which explains the origin of tinsel on Christmas trees. It is most prevalent in Ukraine, where.

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