Sing the words wrong song

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sing the words wrong song

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Published 08.09.2019

Riptide - Vance Joy (Cover by Jasmine Thompson)

Should white people ever sing the N-word?

Listen, I'm as big a Friends fan as they come. In high school I exclusively wore a God-awful T-shirt that had Ross's signature catchphrase "We were on a break! I don't know where the shirt is now, but I'd definitely burn it if it suddenly reappeared in my life. My knowledge of the show runs deep, to say the least. From behind-the-scenes factoids to episode synopses and even exact line reads, I'm a one-stop Friends encyclopedia.

Go to Songsear. I am looking for a song which I heard in a video clip. Can't find this song. Shazam can't catch it and the lyrics are difficult to hear. She sings the wrong words over the lyrics, which makes for a funny scene but difficult to figure out what the song is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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