The one the only groucho

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the one the only groucho

Groucho Marx and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales: Selected Writings by Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx was a comic genius who conquered stage, film, radio and television. But he was also a gifted writer -- the author of a play, two screenplays, seven books, and over 199 articles and essays.

This collection presents for the first time the best of Groucho Marxs short comic pieces, written over a period of almost fifty years between 1925 and 1973 for the The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Saturday Evening Post, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and other newspapers and magazines.

Here is the one and only Groucho on his family, his days in vaudeville, his careeer, World War II, taxes, and other topics such as his love of a good cigar, his chronic insomnia, Why Harpo Doesnt Talk, and The Truth About Captain Spalding. The familar irreverence, word-play, and a dash of self-deprecation bring Grouchos wiscracking voice to life in these pages, firmly establishing him as one of the worlds great humorists.
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His trademark look, glasses, greasepaint mustache and eyebrows, while jostling a cigar between his fingers, has become so iconic that the 'look' aka Groucho glasses has been sold in joke stores and gag shops around the world. Even though the man passed away in , Frank Ferrante has brought him back to life in 'An Evening with Groucho' and the show was sold out quickly! He started applying the simplistic greasepaint and told a story about his role model and inspiration, Groucho. He proceeded to tell a second story, and by the time he was finished, one of the clearest facsimiles of the classic comic stood before us on stage. He leapt from his seat immediately going into the role of Captain Spalding and singing the theme song, 'Hello, I Must be Going. Sharing stories from his entire career, a journey spanning over 60 years, Groucho entertained the audience and held them captive. He spoke of Minnie, his 'show business' mother as well as her brother Al Sheen, who was half of the famous vaudeville team Gallagher and Sheen.

Every week on the television quiz show, "You Bet Your Life," announcer George Fenneman would introduce the program's star as "The one, the only Though he comprised just one-quarter of show business' most famous brother act, Julius "Groucho" Marx was an original. Beginning with vaudeville, then moving to Broadway, movies, radio and television, his irreverent, wise-cracking style has been a major influence on American comedy for nearly years. And for thirty of those years, actor Frank Ferrante has been honoring his legacy with stage performances that remarkably mimic the icon's appearance, sound and moxie. What he represents as an outsider who tears it all down, takes down authority, it's a beautiful thing to witness.

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